2 Years After Rescue From A Cruelty Case, This Sweet Princess Is Still Waiting For A Home

2 Years After Rescue From A Cruelty Case, This Sweet Princess Is Still Waiting For A Home

Earlier this month BarkPost brought you the story of animal rescue hero, George Bengal. One of the many down-on-their-luck dogs Mr. Bengal helped save during his incredible career is a shy Terrier/Pit mix by the name of Princess Peach. The pretty blonde pup was placed in the loving care of the Pennsylvania SPCA after her rescue in 2014. Sadly, that’s where she has remained ever since.

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Peach’s cruelty case is still pending so the folks at the PSPCA are not at liberty to share too many details about her history or how she came to live at the shelter. ¬†What we do know is that she was rescued along with several other dogs from an alleged fighting ring. She still wears the physical scars of her tragic past, but the kindness she has received from shelter staff has done wonders to help heal her soul.

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So why hasn’t Peach found her forever home yet? Gillian Kocher, Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the Pennsylvania SPCA, suspects that potential adopters have passed over this gorgeous gal due to her timid nature. Some pups rush to the front of their cages when families pass through the shelter. They wag their tails, dance about on their hind legs and lick peoples’ hands through the bars. But not Princess Peach. She stays at the back of her kennel, her body bent and crouched, her eyes shyly averted.

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Kocher says that Peach’s demeanor in her kennel is nothing at all like the sweet personality that the entire staff have come to know and love over the past 2 years. Peach adores spending time outdoors and warms up to new folks quickly once a trusting relationship is established. She loves to cuddle and is mellow enough to make the perfect city apartment roommate.

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Her pals at the PSPCA feel that Princess Peach would do best as the only dog in a home, but she does get along well with other pups when outside of the kennel setting. Her absolute favorite activity is to take part in a group walk with a pack of shelter pooches. Check out this heartfelt PSPCA video featuring Princess Peach and her volunteer shelter buddy.

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