This 2015 Calendar Has All Your Favorite Instagram Dogs AND Donates to Pups In Need

This 2015 Calendar Has All Your Favorite Instagram Dogs AND Donates to Pups In Need

If you follow any dogs on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that there’s something a bit different about the dog community online. Giving back to shelters, raising awareness for dogs in need, and donating to rescues all over the country is a huge cause that’s brought together tons of kind hearts and generous pups. By participating in fun contests on Instagram and larger events like The Barkies, the online dog community works hard to make programs for the good of dogs everywhere.

You may recognize some of these pups for their creative and pupdorable photos of dogs and good they do raising money for shelters and participating in Barkbox’s fundraising events:

Gus and Trav, The Pointer Brothers (@ifitwags)



Geordi the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (@geordi_lacorgi)



Kokoro the American Eskimo (@emwng)


Jazzy the Border Collie (@bordernerd)

Fugee the Border Collie (@thefugee)

Simon the Jack-Chi (@simonthejackchi)

Cookie the Toy Poodle (@ps.ny)

Otis the Boston Terrier (@otisbarkington)

Mia the Dachsund (@musingsofmia)

This year, the dogs have come together to design a high quality wall calendar for 2015. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various doggy shelters and charities, including Adopt-A-Dog/Save-A-Life, Border Collie Rescue, Utah’s Perfect Pointers, Vancouver Animal Shelter, Border Collies in Need, and Corgi Pals.

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Check out the calendar on Etsy, add some fluffy smiles to your walls, or gift it to a friend for the holidays this year.