leo pup
Source: US Magazine
A Frenchie and Mario Lopez? Yes, please!
matthew gray gubler dog cuddle
Source: fanpop
Matthew Gray Gubler knows there are few things better than lying on a floor with a puppy on your chest.
johnny depp cuddle dog
Source: Fanpop
"Mr. Depp, may I get an autograph? Or treats. Treats are fine, too."
jared leto kiss chihuahua
Source: Dlisted
"Back off, he's mine."
anton yelchin dog cuddle kiss
Source: Zimbio
"Hold still. You've got peanut butter on your face."
shemar moore bulldog
Source: The YBF
Shemar Moore's ruv for Bulldogs is obvious!
ryan reynolds dog cuddle
Source: People Pets
Be still, my heart!
jason lewis chihuahua cute
Source: The FW
Derp. Hotness. What's not to like?
hugh jackman frenchie
Source: Daily Mail
Hugh Jackman reportedly stopped everything he was doing to show love for this pup.
devendra banhart bulldog puppy aww
Source: The FW
*Clutches pearls*
usher dog scarlett
Source: @howuseeit
Usher and his happy pup Scarlett.
james franco black dog
Source: reddit
Another pic of James Franco and a dog, because we can't imagine anyone would complain.
Source: The FW
There are many humans who would gladly trade places with the pup...or Ryan Gosling. Love that tongue!
Source: Tumblr
That scruff! (The guy's cute too, I guess.)
stephen amell lab puppy dog
Source: The FW
Oh, my.
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