An elderly man who has spent the past 16 years living in the Tennessee wilderness has allowed the Animal Rescue Corps to take custody of 31 dogs under his care.
Due to recent health problems the man has accepted the help of his community to round up the dogs from Natchez Trace State Park, 120 miles Northeast of Memphis.
ARC President Scotlund Haisley says that the community has been working together to improve the man's way of life, but that he refused to accept help for himself until he was sure that his dogs would be taken care of.
All 31 dogs have been transported to a temporary shelter in Lebanon, TN donated by Novamet Speciality Products.
Three of the dogs have exhibited signs of severe leg injuries.
Several have broken teeth, and all have internal and external parasites.
Each dog will be thoroughly examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated and treated for any conditions discovered at that time.
The ARC intends to care for the dogs until they can be placed with shelters and rescue groups across the area.
Once the dogs have been transferred into rescues, the ARC will release a list via their Facebook page for those interested in fostering or adopting.
Thanks to everyone at the ARC, Compassion in Action in Tennessee, Montgomery County Animal Control and the entire community, these dogs and this gentle man will have a brighter future.
The gorgeous photographs seen here are courtesy of Amiee Stubbs Photography.
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Homeless Man Living In Wilderness Refused Care Until His Dogs Were Safe

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h/t Animal Rescue Corps/Facebook, featured image & all photos via Amiee Stubbs/Facebook