Service Dog Has 51 One Days To Live, And They’re Going To Be The Best Days Of Her Life

Service Dog Has 51 One Days To Live, And They’re Going To Be The Best Days Of Her Life

Penelope Brazell is a pup with an important job, she’s her human’s seizure alert dog. Penelope has only been with Kristie Brazell six years. Tragically, their time together is coming to an end.

penelope 2

According to Penelope’s doctors, the pup has only roughly 31 days to live due to stage 4 renal failure – the number of days was 51 when Penelope was diagnosed.

For any pup parent, this news would be devastating. For Kristie, she is not only losing her best friend, she is also losing a lifeline. The intuitive pup warns Kristie before a seizure comes on, giving Kristie time get to a safe place, like lying down, if possible.

She’s also been with Kristie during hospital stays.

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She told First Coast News:

The first thing I see when I wake up is Penelope and I instantly realize what is going on, and I am like, ‘Okay, everything is going to be okay.’

Now Kristie is making sure Penelope knows that everything is going to be okay and she’s giving her best friend the best 51 days of her life with a bucket list.

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@51DaysWithPenelope is the service dog’s Instagram account, where you can keep track of her adventures with Kristie. The first item on their list was exploring some local history.

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Kristie wrote on Instagram that she feels lucky to have the time to experience and learn new things with her best friend.

Not all of the service dog’s bucket list items are super adventurous. Some of them are simply sweet, like meeting her tiny cousin for the first time to celebrate a birthday.

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The duo is also taking this opportunity to educate kids about service dogs, epilepsy and renal disease.

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She also spent some relaxing time by the pool.

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Most importantly, Penelope spends as much time smiling as pawssible.

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We wish Penelope and her human the happiest of days. You can follow their adventures on Facebook and donate to Penelope’s care via GoFundMe.