Shy Akita Abused As A Puppy Urgently Needs Out Of Shelter

Shy Akita Abused As A Puppy Urgently Needs Out Of Shelter

“That dog is mine,” said Hempstead Town Animal Shelter volunteer John Esposito the second he met Rocky. He has been assigned to countless dogs throughout the years, but something about the fluffy white Akita hit him hard. In that moment, he vowed to be Rocky’s friend until he found a forever home.


Unfortunately, months have passed, and Rocky has not found a family. Rocky was abused as a puppy by a child. John is unclear on the details, but the rumor is Rocky was tormented over a long period of time and put inside a clothes dryer at one point, though his history remains very much a mystery and that cannot be verified.


Because of that trauma, Rocky takes time to get to know. When adopters come into the shelter, they’re looking for that “instant gratification,” but trust is essential for Rocky. He needs to know he won’t be hurt before he places his life in someone’s hands. Once that bond is there, Rocky is attached for life.

John has seen Rocky’s core, the dog who lives behind all that fur and all the hardship of his past. Rocky’s absolute favorite thing in the world is sitting beneath a tree with a human by his side, being brushed and petted until the grassy lawn is covered in white fur.

When John walks down the shelter aisles to get Rocky for a walk, he sees tufts of hair poking out from between the bars of Rocky’s kennel. The sweet dog literally presses himself against the front of the cage, begging to be seen. At the door, he looks hopefully out the window, paws poised on the windowsill. Once he feels secure, Rocky’s face breaks into the biggest smile; his head rests on his John’s knee. He now feels safe enough to allow John to clean his eyes with the touch of a finger.

Rocky was meant, says John, to be someone’s companion. He simply isn’t built to be in a shelter, and the stressful environment has taken a toll. Rocky doesn’t quite understand that he’s supposed to pee in the back of the cage and sleep in the front, and sometimes John arrives to find his blankets wet with urine.


People have occasionally walked by Rocky’s kennel and admired his beauty— “Nice polar bear!” one said recently—but due to the the abuse of his early life, this special guy needs someone who’s willing to take the time to teach him he’s safe.


A specialist trainer in upstate New York has agreed to take Rocky and rehabilitate him, which will give him a far better chance at being adopted, but the shelter needs our help to raise the funds. Please consider making a donation here. Rocky is currently available for adoption and will make a wonderful best friend in safe and loving home. If you are interested in adopting Rocky, please reach out via the Let’s Help Rocky Win This Facebook page or or contact the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Long Island at (516) 785-5220 or via email at [email protected]

Featured image via Let’s Help Rocky Win This