American Bulldog Who Used To Fear Men Now Has 2 Daddies Who Adore Her

American Bulldog Who Used To Fear Men Now Has 2 Daddies Who Adore Her

Minnie the American Bulldog was one of Best Friends Animal Society NYC‘s longest residents. Adoption specialist Kristi Adams pulled her from Animal Control Centers of NYC 2 years ago, and she had been a Best Friends regular ever since. At 73 pounds of snowy hair and solid muscle, Minnie was overlooked time and time again for adoption.


Nervous and timid around men, Minnie slowly gained confidence thanks to lots of special attention from Best Friends volunteers. One kindhearted foster pawrent took Minnie into her home to give her an escape from the kennel, but could not adopt her permanently. In just a matter of weeks Minnie would be back in her cage if an adoptive match could not be made.


Minnie’s pals at Best Friends created an online diary for her via their Facebook page while supporters far and wide expressed their love for the oversized pooch – including celebrity pup ruver, Bernadette Peters.  Minnie had no shortage of friends; what she needed was a home.

As the Best Friends Super Adoption Event at the Brooklyn Expo Center grew nearer, volunteers put together a profile of Minnie’s ideal adopter – a fun loving woman with a home or large apartment and a soft spot for giant, goofy, blocky headed drool monsters.

Enter Nathan and Luke, a young married couple searching for a pup to love. They had their hearts set on a small rescue dog to compliment their compact but cozy Long Island City apartment. As they strolled the aisles of available pups at the Super Adoption Event, a massive American Bulldog was the last thing they were looking for. But fate works in mysterious ways, and on that May afternoon it had plans for Nathan, Luke and Minnie.

The couple locked eyes with Minnie as they turned a corner onto a new aisle. They moved in for a closer look, and Best Friends volunteers were amazed and relieved to find that Minnie was not the slightest bit afraid. She calmly wagged her tail to greet them – her anxiety around men seemed to have vanished!


Despite their instant connection, Nathan and Luke decided to take the night to discuss the situation before rushing into adopting Minnie. After all, they were searching for a cute, compact pup that wouldn’t feel cramped in their small apartment. Could a 73-pound bruiser like Minnie really be happy and comfortable in such a small space? And what about when they wanted to entertain? Would Minnie be fearful and shy around their mostly male group of friends?


After a good night’s sleep and several viewings of a video they shot of Minnie at the adoption event, Luke and Nathan had made their decision. Luke sat up in bed and declared:

I want to name her Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln.


They rushed back to the Expo Center to sign the adoption paperwork for the “giant beast with one of her eyes made up like Cleopatra.” Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln, formerly known as Minnie, sat close to her two dads drooling contentedly as they discussed her long-awaited departure from Best Friends NYC. It was decided that Nathan and Luke would temporarily foster Mrs. Mary Todd to be sure that they made a happy match before finalizing the adoption.


Nathan shot a heartwarming video of Mrs. Mary Todd’s first moments in her new home. She joyously danced and pranced, then ran around in circles grinning from ear to ear before collapsing to the floor for belly rubs.There was no doubt – Nathan, Luke and Mrs. Mary Todd were a match alright!

Even though The Minnie Diaries have been discontinued, this famous pup still gets recognized when she’s out on the town with her dads. She loves long walks, chilling on the outdoor patio at Nathan and Luke’s favorite Queens restaurant, and plunking her giant body across their feet as they watch TV (she’s found that she gets more scritches that way). Nathan summed up their coincidental union perfectly:

You know, sometimes you go looking for one thing and you wind up with something completely different and unexpected. That’s what happened when we met Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln. She was perfectly imperfect. And we knew she was ours.

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Featured Image via Best Friends Animal Society NYC