Adoptable Beagle Gets Surgery To Help Her Walk, Now She’ll Finally Be Able To Play Again

Adoptable Beagle Gets Surgery To Help Her Walk, Now She’ll Finally Be Able To Play Again

**Update: July 19, 2016**

Bailey is standing on her own! Despite her initial inability to move or walk due to complications from Intervertebral Disc Disease, it looks as though this little girl will be able to play once more with a lucky family!

She underwent surgery to help with her pain and give her a chance to walk again, and though she will be doing some rehab to build her strength, her prognosis looks good!

Please email Foster & Rescue Coordinator Kelsie Kelly at [email protected] for information on adopting Bailey!


There’s nothing quite like a hound dog, and Bailey the Beagle doesn’t leave her people wanting much. This girl found a home quickly after being surrendered to a shelter in early June, and she effortlessly re-adjusted to family life.

“Affectionate… friendly and playful” are just a few of the words Foster & Rescue Coordinator Kelsie Kelly uses to describe this six-year-old cutie. She gets along great with fellow pups and children, with whom she’s even shared a bed in the past.

bailey smile

But Bailey’s life changed dramatically when her family took her out for a walk one day and realized something was wrong with her legs. They simply stopped working, and her humans made the difficult decision to return her to the shelter after realizing they couldn’t take on the challenge of a disabled dog.

bailey surgery

“She likes to be around people and cuddle,” says Pennsylvania SPCA Director of Public Relations and Marketing Gillian Kocher, and “once upon a time she enjoyed a game of chase.” Bailey’s an exceptionally happy dog despite what’s happened, and the PSPCA wants to give her the best chance at an even happier life.

Vets suspect she has a degenerative condition known as Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), where the discs between the vertebrae of the spine put pressure on the surrounding nerves, causing pain and sometimes paralysis. Bailey will be visiting a neurologist and undergoing surgery that may help her walk again, but is also necessary to relieve her pain.

If she doesn’t regain mobility, she may be incontinent and require a cart to move around. That means this pup will be in need of a very special and understanding family, but right now shelter workers are adoring Bailey’s company. Gillian tells us:

[Bailey] enjoys going outside. Our shelter hospital staff walks her around holding up her back end with a special carrier, and she loves to be outside, roll around in the grass and will pull herself over to you to be nearby.


Bailey’s surgery will cost $6,000, and she’s still searching for someone with the love and patience she needs and deserves. If you are able to donate to help fund her surgery, please click here. If you are interesting in adopting, please email Kelsie directly at [email protected]

featured image c/o Gillian Kocher, PSPCA