Help us Hand Over $1k to Your Favorite Pup or Project!

Help us Hand Over $1k to Your Favorite Pup or Project!

BarkFund-ing continues! Each week we’re giving away $1k to a pup in need, or an amazing dog-savin’ idea. This week’s contenders are as cute as ever, a trip to rescue 40 pups in need, an old man of a frenchie, stinky mangey puppies? You decide! Take a second to VOTE RIGHT HERE on our Facebook page.

Bonus: If we get 10,000 total votes, we’ll give away $1k to TWO of these finalists!

Submit a pup in need, an idea for a project or nominate a shelter/rescue to become a fundraising parter here: BarkFund Submishionz.

1. Pup in Need: Miracle Max

Miracle Max is a very special senior Frenchie who needs your help! Max is a 13.5 year-old-male who was surrendered to French Bulldog Rescue Network by his former owner who resided in an assisted living facility. It was a heartbreaking and emotional surrender. We can’t blame Max for being a little confused in his new surroundings, as he is the oldest Frenchie here has gone through a radical transition at his advanced age. Max is a sweetheart. Because of his age, he has typical Frenchie issues and will need lots of medical care. He’d love to have his senior piggy bank full to pay for his belly bands and upcoming expenses. Vote to help us take good care of Max!

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2. Pup in Need: Hippo

Hippo is a puppy that was dumped at an open access shelter in Chicago just before Christmas. She was only a few weeks old and had already been through the painful and inhumane process of having her ears cropped. She had a severe respiratory infection and was already suffering from advanced mange. She had open sores all over her body. Because Trio Animal Foundation stepped in to sponsor the extensive medical bills of this pup, Hippo was rescued and is now up for adoption! Help us care for Hippo, vote here.

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3. Care-a-Van Road to the Rescue

Suncoast Animal League would like to launch “Care-a-Van” Rescue. A handful of volunteers, Executive Director Rick Chaboudy and 3 other experienced rescue staff will drive to rural Alabama and remove as 35-40 dogs from “High Kill” shelters. They will be brought back to the arms of 30 more volunteers in Florida where they will be cared for and placed into foster homes until they are ready for adoption. This is an extraordinary opportunity for our shelter, we have always wanted to participate in a rescue operation of this type but have not had the resources to do so. The rural areas of Alabama have very few resources and we would like to be a source of hope for them. Help us make our own dreams come true – and provide dream homes for these pups in need. Vote for Care-a-Van!

How else can you help? Donate to Suncoast Animal League!


4. Pup in Need: Emory

Emory is a pretty girl whose siblings died in a shelter from parvo. Dogs XL Rescue saved Emory just in time to save her life, however, Emory did not escape the parvo illness and she now is at risk of the same fate as her brothers and sisters. Emory will need a lot of TLC and vet care in order to save her young life. Please take a second to vote for Emory, and help this little girl grow to be someone’s forever pup!

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5. Bracelets for Marley’s Mutts New Center

If chosen, Marley’s Mutts would purchase, sell and distribute 2,150 customized bracelets. The profit made from the bracelet sales (approximately $15,000!) would fund a Miracle Mutts Grooming Salon, part of a plan for a brand new Miracle Mutts Rescue, Rehabilitation and Community Education Center. This grooming salon would create jobs and training programs for people in drug and alcohol recovery, people coming out of incarceration, adults with developmental disabilities, and others who are reentering the workforce. Of course, it will also financially support our rescue, rehab and education efforts. Please take a second to vote & dog speed!

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6. Mange Puppies Need Love Too Campaign

Approximately 40-50% of the puppies that are scheduled for euthanasia have mange.
Despite the rise in live release numbers, thousands of dogs and cats are killed in San Antonio’s city shelter because they are overlooked or scheduled for death due to highly treatable illnesses like mange. Puppies with mange tend to look ‘sickly’ due to hair loss and may have an  odor, for this reason, they often remain in our adoption kennels for weeks. A large kennel environment is one of the most dangerous places for puppies because of their undeveloped immune systems (the longer a puppy is in a shelter, the more likely they are to contract life threatening illnesses). BarkFund will help us create a safe environment and care for these pups, and the other dogs in our kennels. Vote San Antonio Pet’s Alive!

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