We all started somewhere. New Yorkers find their origins across the globe; some hail from India, others Asia, still others from, say, Delaware. But a select few found themselves on the streets or within the walls of animal shelters, too young and helpless to have much say in the matter. Until they made it here, that is--in New York City, these dogs struck gold.

And by gold, I mean treats, toys, and more warm laps than you can possibly imagine. All in one convenient location: the BarkBox headquarters.
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An original Southern Belle, though she hardly behaves like one. Andi hitchhiked with a troupe of puppies all the way from Tennessee to New York City, where she dreamed of street french fries and fallen hot dogs. One adoption event later, she found her home and started work at Bark&Co. bright and early Monday morn'.

For more information on Andi's rescue organization, visit Social Tees NYC.
Today, to the disappointed empty bellies of many, Andi has inhaled more than two-dozen employee lunches. When she isn't eating, alerting the entire office to visitors, or sunbathing in her window nook, she delights in attending weekly BarkBox meetings. "The numbers are sufficient," she thinks, "but my lunches are not."
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This little piglet was born with a healthy dose of Bourbon Street spirit, straight off the streets of New Orleans. Ziggy and his siblings journeyed to the Big Apple once they grew tired of po' boys and gumbo, just as an equally high-spirited human whisked him away to the land of dog ruvers and bottomless treats.

For more information on Ziggy's rescue organization, visit Animal Haven Shelter.
Now a giant couch potato, Ziggy is no doubt the oldest soul we know. He spends his afternoons in sessions of introspective meditation and contemplation of his own mortality, with brief spurts of gentle begging. In other words, at any given moment you might look down and find a paw waiting patiently on your lap.


The sweetest Georgia girl you ever did see, Pixel was a mama to one tiny pup with the prospects of being a big city girl, but having the darndest time finding a babysitter. Luckily, a kind human took them in to foster for a time before the pair finally parted ways--her puppy with a loving family, and Pixel with her own home and resident desk-side office bed.

For more information on Pixel's rescue organization, visit In Our Hands Rescue.
The under-table dog's-eye view is great, but Pixel is at her best offering kind looks of encouragement to fellow BarkBox employees. She's a mama's girl herself, but she's breaking out of her shell and establishing her place in the company, breaking hearts with her Cindy Crawford beauty marks and flaunting the softest ears EVER.


Originally from Oklahoma City as an owner surrender, this nub-tailed girl's rural roots shaped her into the humble creature she is today. Sort of. After a brief stint in the fostering biz, Panda booked it to NYC where all the stars can be found. The furry ones, at least.

For more information on Panda's rescue organization, visit Friends With Four Paws.
Panda's confidence couldn't be more perfect for her role as Head of Talent for BarkPack. Despite her enthusiasm for barking at those who want to smother her with hugs, Panda has to control the puparazzi if she wants to maintain her approachability. She sniffs the butts of countless celebridogs and enjoys every second.
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Gus's mom (dog mom, of course) was pulled from a high-kill shelter out west before traveling to New York, where she gave birth to him while inside an NYC rescue. Unsurprisingly, Gus's temporary housing situation very quickly became a case of foster failure. Buried in a mountain of stray office toys, he sees it less as a "failure" and more like "the best thing that's ever happened."

For more information on Gus's rescue organization, visit Social Tees NYC.
The BarkBox toy approval process relies heavily on this guy's presence in the office. Gus quickly climbed the canine social ladder as Head of Product Testing, though he'll tell you the job is much harder than it seems. He makes his presence known when he enters a room, and if his boundless energy is any indication, he's ALWAYS up to play. Off the clock, of course.
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This leggy gal was an owner surrender to an NYC rescue. Her past is somewhat of a mystery, but when one BarkPost human was volunteering and saw her, she texted her now-human-mom: "I FOUND YOUR DOG!!!" and the rest is, as they say, complete insanity history.

For more information on Pimm's rescue organization, visit Social Tees NYC.
She may be a creature of the canine variety, but Pimm is and always will be part squirrel. Pure, unadulterated squirrel. If her photo is any indication, it is dang-near impossible to get a still shot of her, and a napping Pimm is only myth. Either way, as reigning resident puppy, this girl's keeping everyone on their toes.
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