9 Dog Friendly Offices That Are Totally Hiring

9 Dog Friendly Offices That Are Totally Hiring

TIME, Inc. recently announced that their move to their new Brooklyn offices will also include a change in pawlicy–they’ll be dog friendly! That got us thinking: What other offices welcome pups AND employees (and are also hiring).
So, We decided to poll the peeps and their canines and ask them where their favored 9-to-5s were. Excluding our office (because frankly, it’s so pawesome, it would be unfair), we combed the nation and asked the pooches in the cubicles who had the doge life at their company?

Here, in no pawticular order (despite the numerals) are the Top 9 Dog Friendly Offices, as told by the pups themselves.

1. Rhubarb “Ruby” Victoria, Glassdoor

Everyone at Glassdoor has a soft spot for dogs, especially facilities. They have an area by the front desk which is always stocked with dog supplies, treats. Plus, the CEO has soft spot for pups, and brings in his a lot.”

Images via Glassdoor

Images via Glassdoor

Here’s their hiring page.

2. Bodhisattva, “Bodhi”, Ben & Jerry’s

“There are a whopping 33 dogs that come to work with their humans at least 2 days a week. That’s more than a third of the number of the human employees we have here! In work environment, stress can affect the hoomans. But we help ’em not take themselves too seriously, and dissolve a bad mood by looking at ’em with big puppy eyes (or with a snaggle tooth grin in my case).”

Images via Ben & Jerry's

Images via Ben & Jerry’s

Check out their open positions here!

3. Piper and Penny, Freshpet

“We get to test the food in the Freshpet Test Kitchen and provide the hoomans with our expert opinions. ‘Chiller U,’ the area of the office where we show off all the different refrigerators we have in stores is a slice of doggy heaven, always stocked with the latest and greatest Freshpet recipes.”

Images via Freshpet

Images via Freshpet

Here are where Fresh Pet is looking for humans to work!

4. Riley, Momofuku Milk Bar

“They’re all pretty crazy for us doges at Milk Bar, as you can tell by their social media! Chef and Momofuku Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi is the main human behind it all: she’s had her pups here since the earliest days of Milk Bar (in the office, not the kitchen, of course!).”

Images via @momomilkbar

Images via @momomilkbar

Momofuku Milk Bar has jobs open here.

5. Penny, The Humane Society of the United States

“We pups have a dogrun outside the HQ building, it’s huge, pups love to go outside and play. We have a very thoughtful and structured dogs in the workplace policy even though we have more than 100 dogs in the office! It’s amazing because it’s like any surburan office building, not dirty or smelly, and definitely quiet, just with pups!”

Humane Society employment opportunities can be found here!

6. Dog-in-Chief Montgomery, “Monty”, Petplan

“As Dog-in-Chief for America’s best-loved pet insurance company, I nose out what’s pup-ular for canine pals, which is tons of fun! When I’m not sniffing out paw-picked products (like BarkBox!) for the latest issue of our magazine fetch! I’m usually testing toys, scouting top dog talent and encouraging play and paw-ductivity! Basically, it’s a great busy doge life here, especially when I gotta chase down coworkers’ crumbs.”

Images via Petplan

Images via Petplan

Check out Petplan’s career options!

7. Bacon, Crunchyroll

“We know the hoomans can get intense. We just remind them to chill and let them know–it’s all good. Lifting spirits is our thing.”

Images via Crunchyroll

Images via Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is looking for humans to join their team here!

8. Hoover, Mammal Relations, Etsy

“We love keeping spirits high and fostering a sense of community. Plus, offering creative support and lots of love to makers and curators during their creative process is fantastic (plus we get tons of belly rubs).”

Images via Etsy

Images via Etsy

Check out Etsy’s job page here!

9. Lil Dipper, The Daily Show

“We charm celeb guests. ‘Nuff said.”

Images via NBC. Tumblr and The Bark

Images via NBC, Tumblr, Facebook and The Bark

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Want to work for the Daily Show? Look at Comedy Central’s job opportunities!

For fun facts about the office doges interviewed, scroll through the gallery below!

The Best Dog Friendly Offices, As Told by the Pups Themselves by Slidely Photo Gallery

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