Suspected Bait Dog Torn To Shreds Has Most Unbelievable Recovery You’ve Ever Seen

Suspected Bait Dog Torn To Shreds Has Most Unbelievable Recovery You’ve Ever Seen

I’ve followed Betsy’s story since her intake video popped up on my Facebook feed in April. It’s believed by those who rescued Betsy that she was a bait dog used by dogfighters. With that in mind, the aforementioned video is a truly gruesome display of what human beings are capable of when it comes to hurting dogs. I’m not going to include the video in this post – it’s a legitimate horror show –  though you can, if you’d like, view it yourself.

What’s astonishing about the footage is that, despite the obvious pain Betsy’s in, despite the plentiful wounds she’s sustained, she never once lashes out at the doctors and nurses who are treating her. She doesn’t seem even the slightest bit capable of it.

Betsy and Vet Staff

And that’s what Betsy’s story is really about. The horrors of dogfighting? Her former (alleged) status as a bait dog? All prologue. Betsy’s story is one of incredible resilience, of forgiveness, and of love. She is, in a word, perfect.

Every video posted of Betsy since the first has reinforced that perfection. She loves running and greeting the vet staff taking care of her. She smiles and wags her tail for them (at a million miles per minute), plays with them, and kisses them like it’s her favorite thing in the world. Yes, the first part of her life was filled with agony and fear, but she’s all the proof you’ll ever need that a dog can be raised under terrible circumstances and still be wonderful, still be loving, still be just a regular ol’ dog.

Here she is running around – joyfully, hilariously, squeakily – with her precious pink squeaky toy:

Here she is having her mouth checked for any issues post-surgery (the slight sedation just makes her even cuter):

Here she lying on top of one of the members of the vet staff, smothering her with kisses:

And here she is eating a cake made specially for her. It is, as you can see, a very exciting experience for her:


To follow Betsy’s continued recovery, check out Viktor Larkhill’s Facebook page.

Featured image via Viktor Larkhill/Facebook