13 Beautiful Shelter Dogs Who Want To Bust The Black Dog Myth

13 Beautiful Shelter Dogs Who Want To Bust The Black Dog Myth

You would think that in 2015 we wouldn’t be giving into myths and folklore. Sometimes, those old fairy tales are hard to shake out of our unconscious.

Every day, these latent feelings affect the lives of shelter dogs. Black dogs are less likely to be adopted from shelters and rescues than their counterparts.

A study led by Dr. Stanley Coren showed that people had a negative impression of black dogs. Based on appearance, they rated these pups as less attractive and more aggressive.

dog color chart

This is likely due to the role of black dogs in mythology. They were associated with evil, the night, witches and disease, among other things. It’s not rational, but our psyches are still holding onto these stories.

Black dogs are suffering for it. They are just as beautiful, playful and loving as dogs of another color. We’ve rounded up some stunning photographs of dark-furred pups who need good homes.

1. This beautiful Rottie is dreaming of his perfect human.

🎵 🎶 “Betcha he reads. Betcha she sews. Maybe she’s made me a closet of clothes!” 🎵 🎶

2. Glenda’s ready to cast a spell on you with her magical smile.

“There’s no place like home. Can your home be my home?”

3. Bria is such an aderpable snugglebutt that we can’t even.

“Go on, say no to my face! I triple dog dare ya!”

4. Tiny and scared, Frankie needs some tender love and care.

“I just need somebody to love me. I’ll love you.”

5. This female, dark-colored Pittie is blind in one eye. She needs a good human who will show her the way.

“I don’t need to see you to know that you love me. I only need some kisses.”

6. Her big eyes tell you everything you need to know about how much she wants a forever home.

“I could use these eyeballs to beg for bacon if I lived with you.”

7. Surrendered by his owner, this big, cuddly guy, needs a new human.

“I’m nervous because I don’t like not having a cozy bed and a nice human.”

8. All Brutus can think about is how much he wants to give you a big, fat slobbery kiss!

“Put down the camera and gimmeh yo’ face! Iz kiss it!”

9. This guy is so zenned out, his fur practically forms the yin-yang symbol!

“I’ve been here since May 13. My zen is running out. I’ll improve your home’s feng shui if you adopt me.”

10. Benny really REALLY loves people. Look at that face!

“OHAI HAI HAI!!! Can I jump in your lap? That’s not an invasion of pawsonal space, is it?”

11. Susie is 10 years old and has been in the shelter since May.

“I just want someone who will sit with me on the front porch and love me while I grow old.”

12. Finn is ready to go home with the first human who rubs his belly.

“ohhhhh and a scritch behind the ears, too, please!”

13. You can tell from Bear’s eyes that he’s experienced loss. He ended up at the shelter when his owner died.

“I miss my human. Will you be my new human and love me forever?”

When you’re ready to bring a new pup into your family, make sure to take a second, or third, look at the black dogs in your nearest shelter or rescue. They’ve likely been overlooked by other humans and desperately need your love.

Feature image via @rescuednosephotography.