Blind Rescue Dog Turns His Difficult Past Into A Powerful Message About Bullying

Blind Rescue Dog Turns His Difficult Past Into A Powerful Message About Bullying

Noah the Bichon Frise/Poodle mix was found barely alive at five months old in the dirt at a backyard breeder in California. He was blind and had deformed hind legs, and he wasn’t getting the kibbles he needed to survive. He weighed just two lbs. when the rescue organization Saving K9 Lives found him.

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Lisa Marie saw Noah’s picture on the Everything Rosey Facebook page, and even though she was based in Wisconsin, she put in an application to adopt him. She had already taken in a blind dog and had wanted to help another for a while, and she immediately fell in love with Noah’s tragic picture.

Saving K9 Lives helped Noah regain his health, and they accepted Lisa Marie’s application and sent Noah to his new forever home in Wisconsin with a wheelchair.


Lisa Marie realized very quickly that Noah had a special quality that helped inspire people and help them come out of their shells.

She told PEOPLE Magazine:

I found out that Noah has a really unique personality. He only wants to sit on your lap with his head in your neck, so heart-to-heart, neck-to-neck. He does not want to be held any other way.


Lisa Marie discovered that this quality was especially helpful in nursing homes. Noah comforted people in the homes, some of whom hadn’t even spoken in a long time.

She said:

The first time we went to a nursing home I didn’t know what to expect. This little old woman, who was in the dementia unit, hadn’t spoken for so long, and when Noah got into her lap she started to grunt. It was at that point that I knew that he had something.


Not long after Noah’s nursing home visits, a local elementary school grappling with a bullying epidemic called on Noah to come teach them a lesson. The pupper went into the classroom with a wheelchair and a Muffin’s Halo, a protective halo that surrounds his head and helps him explore the world without hurting himself or fearing new things.

The children immediately understood that even though Noah looks different, he’s still a wonderful dog. Through him, they learned that even if someone is different, it doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of love.


Lisa finds this both inspiring and life-saving:

If we can stop one kid from being bullied to the point of suicide, Noah has done his job.

Noah is still visiting schools and nursing homes, and he even has his own bank account where the donations will go towards helping dogs in need of medical attention and forever homes.

Lisa Marie entered Noah into the Hero Dog Awards for the Emerging Hero Dog Award at the American Humane Association, and he’s a finalist! She entered him in memory of Muffin of Muffin’s Halos, whose human, Silvie Bordeaux, invented the contraption to help blind pups everywhere.

Muffin of Muffin's Halos

Muffin of Muffin’s Halos

Noah’s story has touched nursing home residents, children and cancer survivors alike. It goes to show how much one human can accomplish when she decides to help just one pup survive.

h/t PEOPLE Magazine.