Blind Shelter Dog Cries Every Time He’s Left Alone

Blind Shelter Dog Cries Every Time He’s Left Alone

5-year-old Pibble Mix Jinx was born blind. Although he has never seen the world through healthy eyes, he experiences it fully with his other senses. According to his previous owners, Jinx is an exceptional dog who loves cuddling, walks, naps and playing with his toys.

The only explanation we have for why Jinx’s owners surrendered him to the Animal Care Center of New York City (ACC) is that he was having trouble with the other dogs in their household.

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From the moment he arrived at the shelter, Jinx’s anxiety was palpable. Without the benefit of sight, each unfamiliar sound and smell is all the more terrifying to him. Jinx spends every moment that he’s inside his kennel pacing at the door and crying out for company.

During his walks and play times with the shelter staff Jinx transforms into a loving, joyful pup – eager to play and meet new friends. ACC volunteer Caitlyn Himmel described Jinx’s handi-capable attitude in an interview with The Dodo:

He bumps into everything but doesn’t let it get him down at all. He’s very alert and senses movement, even though he can’t see at all.

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His sweet, gentle nature and the happiness he expresses around the staff and volunteers demonstrate what a wonderful pet Jinx could be in the right home. But each time Jinx must be returned to his cage, his fear and anxiety return and his heartbreaking cries resume.

Although he is technically a special needs dog, Jinx has had his entire life to adjust to his limitations. Once he is settled into a loving, stable home his stress should melt away allowing him to acclimate to his new environment.

The only requirement for Jinx’s new adopter is that he must go to a home where he will be the only pet. According to Himmel, the adopter should also be in the market for a dog who “will adore them to the moon and back.”

To inquire about adopting Jinx, visit the Manhattan ACC or call 212-788-4000. Jinx’s animal ID number is A1078595.

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The kind folks at the Red Hook Dog Rescue have offered to sponsor Jinx if a local NYC foster pawrent can be located. If you cannot adopt Jinx permanently, but can offer temporary shelter while he awaits his forever home, consider fostering this sweet boy! You may contact RHDR through email – [email protected].

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Featured Image via Caitlyn Himmel/Facebook