Rescue Boxer And Abandoned Cat Co-Parent A Litter Of Kittens Because Life Is Beautiful

Boxer mix Gina lived the first three years of her life in an abusive and neglectful home in Athens, Greece before authorities saved her life. She spent most of her early years on a chain and was regularly beaten by her owner, according to OrphanPet GR. Now, Gina is 11 years old and lives a happy life with her human, Mary.

On one of their walks, Gina started pulling Mary off of their path. The pup refused to obey her human, and Mary let Gina lead the way – right to an abandoned cat and her four kittens! Mary named the mama kitty Lucy and has already adopted her. Lucy and Gina are both caring for the kittens until they are old enough to find forever homes of their own through Second Chance Animal Rescue Society in Greece.