“Britain’s Saddest Dog” Can’t Get Adopted Because Of Her Permanent Frown

“Britain’s Saddest Dog” Can’t Get Adopted Because Of Her Permanent Frown

Dubbed “Britain’s Saddest Dog,” Asha, a four–year–old Bulldog mix, is having trouble finding her happy ending.

Andrea Newton, the founder of Finding Furever Homes (FFH), a dog rescue charity in the United Kingdom that works with smaller dog rescues with very little support or funding, spoke to the Daily Mail about Asha’s looks.

…[P]eople look at her droopy eyes and sad mouth and think she is miserable and they can’t imagine wanting to have her in their home.

Asha 7

According to Andrea, though, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

[Asha] is actually a lovely, sweet and happy dog.

asha 10

Because FFH knows that Asha’s looks don’t match her personality, they’re trying to change the public perception of Asha, who they’ve had “for quite some time.”

It’s just not accurate though! She isn’t a sad dog — it is simply her face and if people can look past that they will find out she is as happy as any dog you are likely to meet.

asha 12

Asha’s favorite pastimes include running and playing ball. However, watching her do so may cause you to laugh.

Asha is built for comfort not speed and it’s hilarious to see her bouncing around like a chunky pinball with other dogs.

Asha 2

As far as the chunky pinball’s what Asha’s ideal home might be, FFH believes she would do best in a home with either no children or older children and would be most comfortable as an only dog.

Another request? Patient owners who are willing to allow Asha to become comfortable with her new surroundings as she has spent the past year at a dog rescue kennel. Once adopted, FFH plans to help Asha adjust to her new home by offering the help of a dog behaviorist — for free.

asha 8

Although Andrea knows that Asha is truly not a sad dog, she worries that the longer she goes without being adopted, the greater the chances are of her spirit matching her looks.

If people can’t start to see past Asha’s face and offer her a home she is going to start to become as sad as she looks and no one wants that. All we need is for someone to give her a chance.

asha 13

If you’re interested in adopting Asha, who FFH describes as a “beautiful squidgy faced tank–like pup,” you may click here. To help FFH continue to help dogs like Asha, you may donate here.

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Featured image via Finding Furever Homes/Facebook