The Bronx’s Only No-Kill Shelter Is In Danger Of Closing Due To Lack Of Funding

The Bronx’s Only No-Kill Shelter Is In Danger Of Closing Due To Lack Of Funding

The founderĀ and operator of the Bronx’s only no kill animal shelter has made a desperate plea for help via GoFundMe. Increased rents, emergency veterinary bills, and unpaid debts from clients of his boarding business have forced Pedro Rosario to face a terrifying truth – if New Beginnings Animal Rescue doesn’t receive a miracle, countless homeless pets will face an unknown future.

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Rosario started the non-profit animal rescue and shelter in 2011 after a 16-year career with Animal Control. He told ABC 7 NY that part of his job included choosing pets to euthanize in order to “make room” at the shelter. New Beginnings was to be just that – Rosario’s chance to wipe away his tragic past and give the Bronx’s dogs and cats a safe, no-kill port in the storm.

The boarding facility, NYC Top Dog, is also owned and operated by Rosario. The New Beginnings GoFundMe page explains that several clients have abandoned their pets at the kennel, leaving Rosario with uncollected debts and more mouths to feed.


The page also details the expensive veterinary emergencies of a few of New Beginnings’ pups. Pearl the Blue-Nosed Pit Bull suffered injuries in a dog fight, Sophia the Chihuahua underwent costly surgery to remove her mammary tumors, and Silvesto the blind Shih Tzu required expensive medications to relieve pain after a life of severe neglect.

On top of the swellings costs of caring for 40 dogs and 25 cats, the rent at the shelter has just been raised and utility costs are mounting. Rosario estimates the shelter’s monthly expenses at approximately $10,000, not including veterinary emergencies. With their reserves rapidly diminishing, he expects to have to close New Beginnings within 4 months.

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Rosario and his loyal volunteers are doing everything they can to prevent this from happening for the sake of the 65 animals currently in their care and the countless more yet to come. Without New Beginnings, the dogs and cats of the Bronx face euthanasia at public shelters.

Rosario has taken on a second job and applied for grants that may aid a private shelter like NBAR. In the meantime, the GoFundMe page has generated nearly $40,000 from hundreds of donors. In response to the incredible generosity of the community, the goal has been raised to $100,000 in order to provide a buffer to cover mounting expenses.

Learn more about New Beginnings Animal Rescue and offer your support through a donation, comment or share by visiting the New Beginnings GoFundMePage.


Featured Image via New Beginnings Animal Rescue/Facebook