These Bulldogs Learn What Love Is After Living As “Product” In A Puppy Mill

These Bulldogs Learn What Love Is After Living As “Product” In A Puppy Mill

Recently, Secondhand Hounds gave 11 Bulldogs the greatest gift—the gift of freedom. The organization, based near Minneapolis, MN, launched a GoFundMe campaign to purchase the dogs from a puppy mill auction.

In just 15 days, the rescue has raised nearly $10,000 to save these Bulldogs from living their lives in cages. They also received an additional grant, which helped them save the 11 pups from a Missouri puppy mill.

bulldog puppy mill 2

They explain on their GoFundMePage:

Puppy mills and commercial breeders purchase their dogs and puppies from auctions. They are set up as live auctions where an auctioneer tries to bid up the prices of each individual dog. They are treated like merchandise, and not living animals. You are allowed to view the animals before the auction and the conditions are deplorable.

Many rescues purchase as many dogs as they can from these auctions to prevent the pups from being sold to another mill. This takes them out of the puppy mill cycle and gives them the chance to be real dogs and experience love for the first time.

bulldog puppy mill 3

You can read the stories of two of Bulldogs the rescue previously saved on the GoFundMe page and watch a local news story about one of the recent rescues named Sailor in the video below:

H/t CBS, Featured Image via ShhBulldog