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It's hard to believe that this is Caitlyn, the pup who captured our hearts after she was found with her muzzle taped shut. Caitlyn has had an astounding transformation from a disfigured and abused dog, to a smiling and joyful pup. Click through the slides to see exactly how much she's changed over the past few months.
Source: WCNC
Source: ABC News 4
The kind humans of the Charleston Animal Society worked to save her life and give her the love she desperately needed.
Source: ABC News 4
Despite the abuse she suffered, Caitlyn never lost her sweet nature.
She also never lost her will to live and recovered faster than anyone expected.
Source: Fox19
She received plastic surgery to repair the damage caused by the electrical tape. Humans also showered her with love, cuddles and plenty of safety.
The world fell in love with Caitlyn. Her fame landed her in the arms of some hunky firefighters who donated the proceeds of a 2016 calendar to her recovery fund. Look at her amazing smile! You can tell she's doing so well.
She loves playing with other pups.
She always looks super cool. (Ok, these are actually goggles to protect her eyes during her laser treatments, but she still looks like the coolest pup on the block.)
She never misses a chance to smile and to show everyone how much joy she has in her heart.
Mostly, Caitlyn is enjoying the freedom of exploring the world without fear of abuse or neglect. We are so happy for you, Caitlyn! And high paws to all of the hoomans who made your recovery possible.
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Caitlyn’s Journey: From Neglected And Abused To Cherished And Full Of Hope