11 Working Dogs Who Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

11 Working Dogs Who Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

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Just being a dog is service to humanity enough, in my opinion. What other creatures so freely give love, dedication, and loyalty than our canine friends?

But there are some dogs who go above and beyond the call of dooty, and go to work everyday to further benefit people-kind. Check out these service-centered pups:

1. Trailing dogs

Trailing dogs follow scent samples from skin cells (left on clothing, possessions, etc). If no sample is available, they can’t work their magic.

2. Tracking dogs

If there is no material scent sample available, tracking dogs arrive on the scene! They track the physical path of a person based on movement.

3. Air scent dogs

These nosey pups are able to detect the general smell of hooman in the area. Although they can’t usually tell one person from another, they are especially useful in disaster work (collapsed buildings, tornado rubble, flood grounds) to find survivors.

4. Water search dogs

You guessed it! These sea pups spend most of their working hours in the water, searching for body gasses that rise up from under water. If there’s hope of a person under the waves, an accompanying human diver will further investigate.

5. Cadaver dogs

These pups have a tough job. Their task? Find deceased people by specific scents emitted by the dead. They can find minuscule amounts of remains- even drops of blood.

6. Disaster dogs

These physically compact dogs must be able to work in unnatural settings—confined spaces, sometimes building stories up, that occur after disasters. Nimble pups, these ones!

7. Police Dogs

These K9 officers help their human law enforcement officials in a variety of tasks, including crime scene investigation, detection work, holding suspects, and general protection.

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8. Detection dogs

Enter pups with a 6th sense for drugs, bombs, explosives and firearms! Detection dogs are friends of police, counter terrorism forces, customs officers, and more.

9. Assistance and service dogs

These dogs assist physically or mentally disabled individuals get by in daily life. Guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, and mobility assistance dogs for the disabled all fall into this loving category, along with psychiatric assistants helping those with disabilities or phobias.

10. Therapy dogs

These dogs go into hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, jails, and more to generally warm hearts. These pups aren’t trained to do a specific task, but provide a therapeutic presence that’s been shown to lower blood pressure, release endorphins, improve cardiovascular health, lower anxiety, increase socialization, and much more.

11. Military Dogs

Little explanation is needed here- these pups go to the front lines of battle alongside their human guardians.

Thank you for your service, pups!

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