Adorable MaltiPoo Is Helping Local Kids Get To School

Adorable MaltiPoo Is Helping Local Kids Get To School

It’s the first week back to school in the Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania school district, and while this usually looks like a parade of back-pack clad kids with heavy heads and dragging feet, a very special crossing guard is making the commute a lot more enjoyable.

Meet Patches, a five year old Malti-poo who has been helping her hooman, retired contractor Brad Curtis, get kids safely across the street for two years. “As soon as I started doing the job, Patches did too,” Curtis told ABC News. “I didn’t really train him to do this. He just started doing it on his own. He follows my every movement, and his eyes are totally focused on my feet. There’s no voice command, and I don’t have treats. He just follows me when I stop and go. It’s amazing.”

Patches feet

After two years of learning the ropes from Dad, Patches’ title of Assistant Crossing Guard was formally validated thanks to a very official, very adorable, and pawfficially pawdorable new get-up. 🙂

Strike a pose, Patches.

Watch the incredibly endearing video to learn more about how Patches and Curtis’ are keeping their town’s streets safe, and oh-so, lovable.

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“Look both ways before you cross the street, you crazy kids. Also, stay in school, say no to drugs, and gimme a cookie.”

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