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Fairytales do exist because this awesome friendship between a little girl and her Doberman is simply magic. Siena is a delightful four year old girl who embarks on adventures her bestie, Buddha, that make even the most serious Instagrammers look like mere amateurs. What makes me swoon with sweetness is the love that emits from this duo. They'll never leave each other's side! Their photos are insanely cool but also give off pure joy.
1. Once upawn a time, there was a girl and her dog in an enchanted land.
2. They loved to spend their time taking delightful naps.
3. Not to mention, they look adorably fashion forward.
4. They went on daily story time adventures complete with snuggle time.
5. Sometimes, Cutie tried to play dentist. "But, I don't want to brush my teeth!"
6. Most of all, they're partners through and through. "Is it... is it snack time?"
7. With all of their adventures, they will always have each other. "I'll love you forever."
8. Best of all, the little girl and her pup know how to share. "Best treat ever."
9. But, they still have time to play with their imaginations. "Do you think Rolling Stone will review our album?"
10. If Cutie can't be around The Beast all day, he'll wait for her outside of school. "Does she have to go every day?"
11. Don't let their utter sweetness fool you because they're also pawtners in crime. "Do you think mom will let us have more than one doughnut before dinner?"
12. But, friends always remind each other of the beauty in the world. Buddha makes sure Siena stops to admire the mind-blowing sunset. "I love you more than all of the stars in the sky."
13. And friends always remember to stop and enjoy the little things. Even if it's just to share a smile. "I'll just lick your sunnies, mmkay?"
14. What's most important for this magic dog and magic girl is the lessons they teach each other. Sometimes, it's important get down and dirty at the beach. "My favorite days are the ones I get to spend with you."
15. But, how do they keep up the magic? The secret ingredient is to let your imagination run wild. Even if that turns a Beast into a Princess. "At least, I get to be Princess Barker-Rose with a long nap time."
16. Most of all, our tale means that friends don't forget the little things. Warm, happy, and lazy days are what make the best memories. "You drive and I'll navigate. There won't be any ruff rides."
17. And the moral of our story is the everlasting importance of friendship. Do you know what best friends look like? It can be any bond, but Cutie and Buddha know how to set a good example. You always have someone to lean on. That's a true fairytale. "I'll never be lost with you by my side."
18. To add to this magical tale, this charming girl and this charming pup know that life isn't perfect. Remember, our friends are here to help! "Downward facing what? Yeah, sure, we'll be yoga champs in no time."
19. As our tale comes to a close, the magic girl and the magic pup let us know that life is a bumpy ride when even if they're adorably mischievous. They let us know, that through bad times, we'll always come out on the other side. "I pawmise, we won't eat cookies before lunch."
20. In the end, they lived happily ever after. Why, you ask? Because this charming duo makes room in their hearts for one another. "I pawmise that we'll be furever friends."
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Featured image and H/t via Cutie and The Beast