Update: Once Happy Pup Is So Depressed Shelter Workers Are Forced To Put Him On Euthanasia List

Update: Once Happy Pup Is So Depressed Shelter Workers Are Forced To Put Him On Euthanasia List

**UPDATE 02/25/2016**

Coffee has been taken off the euthanasia list and brought to rescue. More details are forthcoming, but at this time, Coffee has just arrived a foster home with the rescue Kaigan’s ARK, where he will receive the love and attention he so deserves. You can follow his incredible journey here.

**Original Post**

In his kennel at Mercer County Animal Shelter near Princeton, West Virginia, a dog named Coffee waits. He is the shelter’s longest resident, and has become so depressed that he has started banging his soft brown and white head against the walls. If Coffee is not adopted, fostered or rescued within a few days, he will die.


Coffee is a sweet, loving dog who was surrendered when his former owner decided she could not handle the responsibility of a dog. Still, Coffee yearns for affection. He sits in his kennel staring up at the staff as they walk by, hoping he will be let out.

The 5-year-old Boxer mix is one of the most attentive dogs shelter director Michelle Muncy has ever encountered. He looks to humans for guidance in all things, and he wants nothing more than to make someone happy. He loves learning his commands, and is smart as can be. Says Muncy, “He’d do anything to please his person.”

COFFEE!!!!!URGENT URGENT PLEASE GIVE COFFEE YOUR VOICES!!!!!!!! Mercer Co WVa. #1 on the euthanasia list for longest stay…..COFFEE – this video shows how much he loves people. He would do best as the only dog in your life! Who would think he’s begun to shut down in his kennel, and become withdrawn and depressed. He just can’t handle being shut up any more, he needs PEOPLE!!! We’re desperate to find this lovely pup a home, he is EXTREMELY URGENT at Mercer County Shelter WVA (304) 425-2838, 961 Shelter Rd, Princeton, WV 24740. HE HAS $250 in funding to a rescue, is fully vetted, neutered, and has transportation. He needs a FAMILY and a HOME this week……

Posted by Super Cooper – the dog with nine lives on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Because he so deeply craves human contact, Coffee has grown depressed in the shelter and is starting to lose the happy-go-lucky personality he had in the beginning. The staff can no longer sit by as he hurts himself, so if he does not find a home soon, he will be euthanized to make room for other dogs.

Coffee is the kind of dog who was born to love and be loved. His greatest joy is playing with people, and without that human connection, his one-of-a-kind spirit is fading. “The walls are closing in on him,” says Muncy.

The shelter has raised the funds to get Coffee to a rescue, but they have not found anyone to take him in. Coffee would need to be an only dog to start out, but he loves all people, including children.


Coffee doesn’t understand why he has found himself without a home, and he doesn’t know that if nobody comes through for him, his life will end far before his time. But we know, and we have the power to save him. Please consider stepping in to adopt Coffee, and please spread the word about this loyal and affectionate dog. He deserves that much.

If you or someone you know is interested in Coffee, don’t wait. Call Mercer County Animal Shelter at (304) 425-2838 or email at [email protected] now. He can be transported for the right home.