Senior Dog Who Refused To Leave Dead Owner’s Side Is Now Ready To Love Again

Senior Dog Who Refused To Leave Dead Owner’s Side Is Now Ready To Love Again

***UPDATE: Bear has been adopted!! It looks like she’s just as happy about it as we are. Enjoy your forever home, sweetheart!

Bear adopted collage

This is Bear.


Bear is 12 years old and has just experienced a major heartbreak: Her owner passed away unexpectedly.

Being the amazingly loving and devoted dog that she is, Bear stayed by her owner’s side the entire time. No food, no water, no potty breaks… just lay there next to him and mourned.

That’s how Baltimore police officers found Bear when they responded to family phone calls about an elderly man whom they had not heard from in days – lying next to her owner. It’s not certain how long Bear had been like that with her owner, but it was no less than three days according to the time anyone had last heard from the man.

Animal control removed her from the home she had known for all those years and brought her to BARCS animal shelter in Baltimore to begin the process of looking for a new place to call home.

Bear 2

Though understandably sad and confused, Bear finds pleasure in going for walks with staff and volunteers. She still manages to show off her wonderful personality with a fancy little trot and finding sunny spots to bask in. BarkPost spoke with BARCS staff member Bailey Deacon to learn more about this sweet senior gal. She told us:

“Bear just melts my heart. We’re not sure if she was born with it or not, but she has this little nubbin that looks like a bear tail and we can’t help but think that’s how she got her name. It’s the cutest little thing and works so well with her wiggly butt.”

Deacon went on to tell us that she is thought to be a Chow mix with some Golden Retriever in her. There was no one in the owner’s family that was able to take Bear (which made the situation all the more devastating for them), but they were quick to let BARCS know that she is good with other animals and children. That means she would be a wonderful addition to any home!

Bear kiss

Bear is great on the leash, being treated for a minor ear infection but otherwise in good health, and a low-key lady. Bailey told us that she could stand to lose a couple pounds to bring out even more vibrance in her personality and to improve the quality and longevity of her life, but that it doesn’t cause any problems at present. According to Deacon, “She’s pretty and she knows it” and is “set in her ways” but not in a bad way. Bear is a mature lady who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to ask for it!

“The only time Bear pulls on the leash is if she wants to get somewhere. She’s like, ‘Excuse me, I’d like to go to this sunny spot please,’ or ‘Excuse me, I’d really like to sniff this blade of grass now.’ And when she’s had enough walking, she’ll go back to the door as if to say, ‘Ok, I’m ready to go back in now, thanks.'”

How cute is that? So you see, Bear is really rather polite. Bailey and the other BARCS staff members think she’s just the greatest. She even told BarkPost that she only rescues senior dogs, and if she had any room she would be taking Bear home with her. Deacon wrote on Bear’s Facebook post and frequently tells people who come to the shelter that “senior dogs are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

Bear has already been to her first adoption event, which Deacon thinks will be where she really shines. She told us that Bear looks pretty sad in her kennel, but as soon as she’s outside she lights right up. We’re really hoping that she doesn’t have to wait long for her new forever home!

Bear shelter

She is up for adoption now, and BARCS adopts to anyone who puts in an application and is willing to drive to the shelter to meet her. They have been seeing more people from rural areas that don’t have overcrowded shelters recently, which is great because it opens space for more dogs that need help. The best news of all is that Bear’s adoption fee has been waived thanks to their “Love Lasts Forever” program, so she just needs a lucky family that will take her home and love her with the same loyalty that she will give them. Are you that person?

Be sure to follow BARCS on Facebook, and check their website to find more info on Bear, put in an application, and see what other cuties they have waiting for homes.

Featured Image via: BARCS Facebook/Bailey Deacon