Dog Who Survived 5 Weeks On Highway Median Adopted By Officer Who Saved Her

Dog Who Survived 5 Weeks On Highway Median Adopted By Officer Who Saved Her
Freeway Frida, the California German Shepherd that eluded police for 5 weeks, has now been adopted by the very officer who rescued her. The Galt Police began receiving calls of a dog that had fallen from the back of a pickup truck on April 10. The sightings occurred on busy Highway 99, and although officers responded time and time again, they were unable to catch the terrified pooch.
That all changed when Sylvia Coelho and her partner received word of a Frida sighting at 6am on a Saturday. Coelho knew this was their moment. They blocked off traffic and were finally able to bring Frida in. She was taken to VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital in Elk Grove where she underwent several surgeries for a broken tibia with muscle and tendon damage, as well as treatment for dehydration and malnourishment.
Dozens of people responded to Frida’s story, claiming to be her rightful owners. None were able to prove their case and Frida did not respond to anyone that came in to see her. However, she did form quite an attachment to Officer Coelho. The shy, fearful pooch seemed to light up each time she visited.
Although Coelho would have been happy for Frida had she been reunited with her rightful owner, she was secretly overjoyed when none of the claimants turned out to be the real deal. Frida was released from the hospital on the afternoon of June 30 and into the loving care of her new adoptive family – the Coelhos. Media, friends from the Galt Police, and supporters from the community gathered to witness the happy ending to Frida’s 3-month ordeal.
Officer Coelho fed Frida a favorite snack and presented her with a new stuffed toy. She and her husband Rick are already pawrents to a Chihuahua named Valerie and 3 cats named Harley, Marley and Midnight. They were a little concerned that introducing Frida to her new fur siblings might prove “tricky,” but they are excited for their future together.
Coelho gave an emotional interview to the Sacramento Bee, saying through tears:
She’s such a wonderful dog, and…making her a part of our family is just a privilege. She’s giving me that privilege.
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Frida still wears a large, supportive cast on her injured left rear leg – decked out with festive stars by her friends at VCA. The bandage will need to be changed frequently and she will likely require one more surgery, but the Coelhos are prepared to provide the elusive pooch with all the care and support she deserves now that she is safe in their home.
H/T and Featured Image via The Sacramento Bee