Dog Whose Back Was Deliberately Burned Still Loves And Trusts People

Dog Whose Back Was Deliberately Burned Still Loves And Trusts People

Wentworth has deep, bad burns all up and down his back.

These burns were caused by chemicals, and caused deliberately, believe staff at Austin Pets Alive! — a no-kill shelter that specializes in animals with severe medical and behavioral needs.

“Which makes his current happy state even more amazing,” says spokesperson Lisa Maxwell. “He is a very happy guy in spite of it all.”

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Because his skin was burned all the way through, Wentworth is on an extensive treatment regimen. He’s getting hydrotherapy three times a day. He’s also covered in soothing ointments, and given pain medications and antibiotics, and wrapped in special bandages. (Austin Pets Alive! is asking for help covering the high costs of these treatments.)

He is taking all his pain, and all of the fussing around him, so well that folks think he might have been a pet at some point — he may have been loved, and learned to trust humans.

“That’s the saddest part. He may have been a beloved family pet and this happened to him but we don’t know who did it or why they haven’t come looking for him,” says Lisa.


But in case those people don’t come forward, Austin Pets Alive! is now looking for someone to take Wentworth in temporarily as a foster, until his wounds have healed and he is ready share his happy, healed self with a family of his own.

“His injury is so dramatic that some people may think euthanizing him is the humane thing to do. But to see him interact with people and play, you just know he has a great zest for life,” Lisa says. “Wentworth is a charming and happy guy who had something awful done to him. But it hasn’t soured him on life, or humans.”

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Here’s where you can donate to Wentworth’s care.

Reach out to Austin Pets Alive! if you’d like to foster Wentworth, or see about adopting him.

Your local shelter has lots of dogs who’d love to come home with you, too!

All images via Austin Pets Alive!