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1. Chihuahua

Duh alert! This pint-sized pup is ALL dog... at least, he thinks so. The Chi's tiny size and loco superior personalities mean they fit easily in travel carriers, under plane seats, and are tolerant of handling and cooing strangers.
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2. Pomeranian

Also conveniently travel-sized, Poms cut back on airplane travel fees and fit nicely with you in the cabin. Those little legs carry them far, as they--just like many toy breeds--are active, confident, and prepared for anything.
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3. Dachshund

The comedic celebrities of the dog world, Weenies are small and oh-so devoted to their humans. Ahem, that's ONE human, usually. They are head-over-paws in love with their main human squeezes, which makes them great guard dogs for RVs, but may make a plane ride a bit noisy.
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5. Poodles (all sizes)

The pride and joy of the show ring, not all Poodles are made to strut their stuff. Many enjoy the simple pleasures--snuggling, munching treats, playing tug, and doing anything and everything with their people. Big or small (though the standard sizes can't fly in-cabin with you) their intelligence and illustrious attitude always draw attention.
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6. Yorkshire Terrier

You get a compact pup with style when you bring a Yorkie into the family. Their elegant good-looks, big personality, and overall sweetness are a triple threat for travel companions. Though they can be feisty little buggers, everything about them make road trips and air travel a breeze.
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7. Mini Schnauzer

Take a pass on the Giant Schnauzer and opt for their miniature, but equally cute, counterpart. Check off the resumé: they're clever, confident, extroverted, and absolutely hilarious. Travel can be stressful, but these Minis never want to leave you alone, and they're perfect for a good laugh.

8. Bichon Frise

That's BEE-shawn FREE-zay to you, humans. These pups don't take no sass. Bichons are small, mischievous, and strangely reminiscent of a stuffed animal. Everything is Big! Exciting! Fun! and there will be no shortage of devotion or enthusiasm on your trips.
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9. Maltese

So. Stinkin'. Adorable. And tiny. Say hello to a breed that is both fearless and the ultimate sweethearts. They walk with a bit of swagger 'cause they know they're regal, and they are truly jacks of all trades. Cuddling, riding in the car, and even agility--the Maltese does it all with a smile.
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10. Boston Terrier and Co.

I'm including Bulldogs, Frenchies, and all other flat-nosed breeds in this one. Bostons are energetic and eager to please, and are the perfect size for the open road. That being said, brachycephalic breeds are often prohibited on flights, as their narrowed airways can cause difficulty breathing at high altitudes. Consider passing on air travel, and stick to the on-ground excursions with these guys.
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11. Beagle

Take caution with this breed on hiking or camping trips. Though Beagles absolutely adore just about everyone and everything, they are slaves to those hound-dog noses. Ensure Snoopy is VERY well trained with fantastic recall skills, because once he catches the scent, nothing else matters.

12. Shih Tzu

"Shih Tzu" translates to "little lion" if that gives you any indication of their mindset. They may think they're fearless, fuzzy warriors, but really these guys are all roar and no bite. Their calm temperament and laid-back attitude mean no-stress trips, and they are just fine with sticking to your heels wherever you wander.
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13. Havanese

The teddy bears of the dog world. The Havanese's fluffy coat and perfect hugging size mean they're cute and portable, and they just love to be where you are. While this breed was originally bred to simply keep their humans company, people are getting them off their laps and on the job, performing in agility events and even serving as therapy and service dogs.
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14. Labrador Retriever

If you're more of a big dawg kind of human, it's no secret that Labs are fiercely loyal and love nothing more than being with people. They love ALL THE THINGS. And because they are so easily trained, it's a snap to get the basic commands down and have them on the road for all kinds of adventures.
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15. Golden Retriever

What is it about Retrievers that makes them so gosh darn great?! Goldies are never picky about making friends, and when you're happy, they're happy. Honestly, they're pretty much happy no matter the circumstances. So buckle 'em in and hit the road! 'Cause they're always up to stretch their legs if it means doing something with a human in tow.
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15 Dog Breeds Who Make The Best Travel Companions

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