Dog Spends 13 Days Cuddling The Wreckage Of Her Family’s Tragic Car Accident

Dog Spends 13 Days Cuddling The Wreckage Of Her Family’s Tragic Car Accident

Kathy Wilkes Meyers is used to dealing with stray dogs. As a member of Tennesse’s Love Me Tender Animal Rescue she has seen her fair share of abandoned dogs. She’s used to finding strays dumped in the middle of nowhere, but as soon as she took in the emaciated Rottweiler she found wandering along the highway, she knew there was something different about her.

“I could just tell right away she was somebody’s baby. She just didn’t act like a stray dog to me.”

Following her intuition, Kathy decided to do some digging. She went back to where she found the poor pup, named Ella. Ella had been drinking dirty water from a drainage pipe along the highway before she was rescued. It was along that stretch of road that Kathy saw, not only broken glass and other signs of wreckage, but also a pile of personal items that Ella had clearly been collecting.

Ella's collected items

Remembering that she had driven by a car crash on the same stretch of highway a couple weeks earlier, she concluded that Ella must have been the sole survivor of the wreck. After seeing the pile of items Ella had been gathering, Kathy realized the dog had been wandering the highway for 13 days scavenging for food and picking up anything that smelled like her former owners, waiting for her family to come find her.

“She was hoping her family would come back, but they couldn’t.”

Kathy remembered seeing the aftermath of the accident and was convinced there could have been no survivors, but she still had questions she wanted answered.

Ella's car accident

She called the highway patrol to find out the names of the people involved in the accident. Miraculously, every member of Ella’s family survived the accident.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.02.58 PM

At the time of the crash, Ella was thrown so far from the car that the rescue crew didn’t find her. Her family presumed she was dead. Thanks to the selfless and tenacious Kathy Wilkes-Meyers, the happy, healthy family found each other again.

See the full story, and the family’s beautiful reunion below.

Tragically, due to the crash and mounting medical expenses, the family had to move into a temporary residence, which doesn’t allow dogs. But Ella’s hero, and new best buddy, Kathy, has promised to care for the pup until her family can bring her back home..


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