Firefighters Save Dog From Building With Pizza

Firefighters Save Dog From Building With Pizza

Eight days after a fire tore through an apartment building in Schenectady, New York, firefighters found a miracle. As they were combing the scene, the firefighters saw rescue dog, Zeus, peek out a fourth floor window.

The dog was frightened, but the firemen were able to lure him out with pizza. β€œHe looks really happy. I think he’s probably a little bit hungry,” said Schenectady Fire Chief Raymond Senecal.


Moments later, Zeus’ rescuer, Stacey Lydon, came to the scene. Firefighters say Zeus helped them crack a smile for the first time working on the sad case. β€œI mean the nature of this business and what we’ve been dealing with here on a daily basis, it’s good to have a little good news,” said Senecal.

Teary-eyed Lydon said she never would have given up looking for Zeus. In the midst of a disaster, it’s good to have one pawsitive story.

Images and video via WYNT