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When Gorgi walked into the police station he was malnourished and showed signs of abuse. Sgt. Tony Montesinos told The Dodo: "He approached frightened and was looking for affection and protection. We gave him food and water that evening and after eating he stayed with us awhile and left."
The next day, though, Gorgi was back for some food and some lovin'.
Soon, the officers completely fell in love with Gorgi. They decided to pay for him to visit the vet and get a check-up.
After that, there was no going back. Gorgi was officially their pup. They gave him the all impawtant job of "surveillance dog."
Officers have said Gorgi eases tensions around the office, which is important for a job that can get incredibly stressful.
Working for Gorgi usually means lounging around on his doggie bed, but that's still a hard job!
The police department takes lots photos of Gorgi in uniform so that everyone can see what an awesome pup he is!
Gorgi ruvs to go on car rides with his best friends. Check out that smile!
Who's a good boy, Gorgi? You are!
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Stray Dog Saunters Into A Police Station, Gets Himself A Job And A Home

Gorgi the dog was a stray in Bayamón, Puerto Rico when he walked into the city’s police station last year. He looked malnourished and neglected and just wanted some food to pull him through the day, so the officers fed him and let him on his way. Little did they know Gorgi would be their bestie for life.

h/t The Dodo.