UPDATE: Dog With Massive Growth Looks Like A Brand New Dog After Surgery

UPDATE: Dog With Massive Growth Looks Like A Brand New Dog After Surgery

***Update, July 6, 2016*** Meesha is out of surgery, according to Meesha’s foster mom Liz. She — and her surgeon — did great.

Here’s what Liz said in a very happy Facebook post, on Wednesday afternoon:

The surgeon just called to let me know Meesha is out of surgery and in recovery. It took about 3.5 hours and they were able to remove the entire mass. Even better they were able to save her ear and she still has blink reflexes in her left eye! I will be visiting her shortly and will update again. She will be staying the next day or so in the hospital.

And here she is:


***Original story*** 

The lump on Meesha’s head appeared about eight months ago. It kept growing and growing, until it was about the size of a balloon, nearly doubling the size of Meesha’s pretty noggin.

Meesha’s family gave her up then, explaining to some animals rescuers that they could not afford to get her medical help.

About two weeks ago, through a network of rescue groups and dog lovers, Meesha got to Liz Gigler, a vet tech and director of the Minnesota-based nonprofit Rescued Pets Are Wonderful. And Liz just wanted to help.

“I try to pride myself on the medical needs cases as my background is in vet medicine,” Liz says.


Liz didn’t know, couldn’t have known, what to expect when Meesha came to live with her as a foster. If she would be in pain; if she would be depressed.

As she quickly learned, though, Meesha loves people and dogs and cats, and she seems comfortable, except when she tries to lie down on that side of her head.

“She is honestly the happiest dog I have ever met. She always walks around with a smile,” says Liz.


Happy — but Liz wants to make sure she’s healthy, as well. So she and Meesha have spent the last couple of weeks visiting veterinarians, to try to figure out what the growth is and what should be done about it.

Meesha’s had a CT scan. She’s had a lot of exams. They’ve showed her to be in good shape, except for the growth. Next week, Meesha will have surgery; her vet thinks that the mass can be removed and biopsied. Then they should know more about what the dog’s needs will be, and what her life will be like.

Liz is raising money for Meesha’s care.


Now, Liz can’t say for sure what the Meesha’s future holds. What she can say is that she will work hard to get Meesha whatever she needs, to keep that smile on her face for as long as possible. Meesha is worth it. Says Liz:

Her quality of life is still sky high. She is so happy. She deserves this.


Keep tabs on Meesha on Facebook. Here’s a link to her YouCaring donation page.

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