Dog Makes Modeling Debut To Help Shelter Pups Find Forever Families

Dog Makes Modeling Debut To Help Shelter Pups Find Forever Families

This comes from Benny the Pup, as told to Rebecca Macatee. 🙂

The day started out like any other: The humans woke up and fed me breakfast and toast (buttered, obviously), and then I went on my morning patrol of the yard.

Now on this particular day, I didn’t catch any squirrels, get skunked, or even have a run-in with a raccoon. But when I came back inside, one of the humans told me what I’ve been waiting dog years to hear: I was going to Manhattan to make my modeling debut!

benny modeling

Now I know, it might seem silly—a big, macho hunting dog like me wanting to pose all pretty for some puparazzi—but I’ve found that behind every camera there is often a treat. I’m also a big fan of America’s Next Top Model, so when an opportunity presented itself, I just had to show the world my smize!


My glam squad was running late, so I had to settle for a spritz of dog cologne rather than the full shampoo, bath and spa treatment a budding professional like myself should have pre-photoshoot. In any case, though, I looked extremely handsome (or so I’m told) when we arrived at the studio for Canon’s A Best Dog Day Ever.

It was, to say the least, my ANTM dog dream come true. There were toys and treats and pupcakes—yes, pupcakes!—as far as the eye could see. Everyone wanted to take my picture (can you blame them?) and even the other dogs were starstruck* meeting me.


Believe it or not, though, I wasn’t the only one the humans were there to see. Thanks to Canon and Guinnevere Shuster, an animal activist and photographer, several adoptable puppies from Animal Haven got to come out for their head shots, too.

Guinnevere, you see, is one cool lady. For starters, she has treats, but she also uses her skills behind the camera to take pictures that show shelter dogs in their best light. This helps dogs like Willa (see below!) find homes and humans to call their own.

Thanks to Guinnevere, who documented Willa’s whole day on her Canon EOS Rebel T6i, Willa and several of her friends found their forever homes. If you ask me, that’s worthy of several treats, but Guinnevere got the next best thing: She was named the winner of Canon’s final Rebel With A Cause consumer contest.

I’ll stick my paws up for that! I think every dog deserves a human to call their own. Oh, and I hope everyone else enjoyed my modeling debut as much I did. You can see more of me and my adventures on my nephew Zeke’s new Instagram page—his handle is @zekelovesyou.


Benny the top model, out.

*I’ve been informed the puppies might have been staring at me because of a residual PepĂ© Le Pew stench still lingering from an incident last week. I still think, though, they were just overcome to have a supermodel in their midst.

(as told to Rebecca Macatee)

featured image c/o Rebecca Macatee