Dog Found With Paws Frozen To The Ground Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After

Dog Found With Paws Frozen To The Ground Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After

On a frigid January morning in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, Jennifer Williams’ dog Daisy slipped her harness and ran off into the shadows. Daisy led Williams to an emaciated figure chained to a tree. The Lab/Pit Bull mix was impossible to see from the walking path, and too weak to bark. If not for Daisy’s keen senses, the pup would surely have frozen to death. Her paws were frozen to the ground where she sat and she was unable to stand. Williams scooped her up, wrapped her in her coat, and rushed her home.

bindi black

Five months later, the little miracle pooch has endured painful lacerated paw pads, surgeries to remove metal from her stomach and repair her cherry eye, and near-fatal medical conditions like anemia and kidney failure. She survived it all with the help of caring donors on social media and Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Not only did SCAR agree to sponsor the pitiful pup, the founder himself fostered her in his own home. Casey’s young son, Sean Jr., gave her the name Bindi in honor of his fallen hero, Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter.

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This May, Mr. Casey announced via Facebook that Bindi was finally ready to find her furever home. Her kidney issues had resolved and she was the picture of shiny-coated health. In no time at all, Bindi was adopted by a kind pup ruver named David Frost. Frost is dog dad to 3 other rescue pups – and Pit Bull-type dogs – and they have all welcomed Bindi into their pack with open paws. Bindi is the third from the left in the photo below!


Frost and his 4 fur friends now revisit Prospect Park every week. It is a far different spot than the one that Bindi experienced on that 17 degree January morning. Instead of ice and freezing winds, there are flowers and foliage in full bloom. In place of the deathly silence of winter, spring birds sing happily in the trees. Bindi frolics joyously with her new family, her painful past a distant memory.

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We may never know the circumstances that led up to Bindi being chained so tightly to a tree that she couldn’t even lie down. Or why her belly was full of bits of rubber and metal instead of food. There are so many questions that will have to go unanswered. Mainly, what could possibly lead a person to commit such cruelty against an innocent creature?

bindi and luna

Thankfully, like many dark fairytales, Bindi’s has a much-deserved happy ending. Enjoy living happily ever after, sweet girl!

Sean Casey Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non–profit that relies on donations to continue their rescue and rehabilitation of dogs just like Bindi. SCAR can also be followed on Facebook

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Featured Image via (L) Jennifer Williams and David Frost (R)