UPDATE: Dog Who Became Protective Of New Baby Only Has Days To Be Rescued

UPDATE: Dog Who Became Protective Of New Baby Only Has Days To Be Rescued

**UPDATE 07/19/2016**

Thanks to everyone who donated and shared, RALPHIE IS SAFE! Funding was received in record time — mere HOURS. He is being transported to the trainer this weekend to begin working on his resource guarding issues. It will likely be a little time before he is available for adoption, but anyone interested can email Road to Home Rescue at [email protected] They have lots of amazing animals just like Ralphie, so be sure to check their website too. Any excess donations will go towards helping their other dogs (like Mischa).

EDIT: I would also like to acknowledge that I made an error in saying the landlord entered the “home.” I stand corrected that it was actually the “yard” where Ralphie was unleashed, and that this is an area where many people are frequently at risk of his resource guarding.

Ralphie, the 3–year–old Boxer mix, has always been a good boy who loves to snuggle, enjoys his feline counterpart, and is devoted to keeping his family safe. However, with the addition of a baby to the family, Ralphie has been taking his job a little too seriously. His loving protection has turned into resource guarding, and he had an incident with the worst person to upset: the landlord.

With just a few days left before a scheduled euthanization and no fosters or adopters able to take him, the only option left is to find the money for a trainer or his life will be cut short.

Once a dog park-lovin’ and easygoing individual in East Islip, New York, Ralphie began showing signs of resource guarding after his baby sibling was born. The family initially found his new protective behavior to be cute, but as time went on it became a more serious problem. Unfortunately, the behavior came to a head as the landlord entered the yard one day unannounced and Ralphie nipped him.

Ralphie cuddles

Wanting to make sure the rest of his tenants are safe, the landlord (a dog lover himself) made the decision to tell Ralphie’s owners that he had to go. They tried negotiating with him, promising to bring in a trainer and to make sure that he was never off–leash, but it was a chance the landlord just wasn’t willing to take with other families and children around. The devastated owners considered moving and tried setting up a GoFundMe account for help with expenses, but it didn’t take off due to a lack of concrete plans on where to go or how to help Ralphie.

Ralphie cat

Did we mention Ralphie loves cats?

Finally, they turned to Road To Home Rescue in Long Island, New York, to see if they could help find him a new home. The landlord initially gave them a week to rehome Ralphie, so Road to Home quickly took their pleas to social media for solutions. After his week was up, there were still no potential fosters or adopters lined up.

The landlord, whom Ashley O’Neill of Road To Home Rescue describes as a sweet, elderly gentleman, gave the family extra time to find Ralphie a place to go. Road to Home spoke with Kim Strong, a dog trainer in Utica, NY, who has worked with rehabilitating many of their more aggressive or “unadoptable” cases. She has happily agreed to take Ralphie on and train him at her facility, so Ralphie’s advocates have been working diligently to raise funds and get him to her.

Ralphie cat collage

Like, SERIOUSLY loves cats

While only giving a week to start, the landlord extended Ralphie’s stay to July 21st. That date is almost here, though, and the fundraiser has stalled. It’s now a race against the clock to come up with the rest of the money and ensure that Ralphie is safe. The good news is that once he is with trainer Kim Strong, she has agreed to find him a home after training.

Ralphie chair collage

And he seems to be a bit of a goofball too!

Ralphie is 3 years old, up to date on all shots, and good with cats and children. He hasn’t done well with dogs since the resource guarding began, but it’s very hopeful that once he’s worked with and out of the home he will be able to live with other dogs. If you have a little extra to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated and going towards saving the life of a dog who deserves a chance to be properly trained. He thought he was helping because no one taught him that his protective behavior was unnecessary and wrong.

Let’s all do our best to get Ralphie the training that he needs and the home that he deserves. Please consider donating here – any amount helps. ¬†And may we all learn that working with issues as soon as they begin (and even better, training early to teach acceptable and appropriate behaviors) is the best way to prevent situations like these.

Featured Image via: Trish Lane/Facebook