This Rescued Pit Bull’s Reaction To Pizza Is Identical To Our Own

This Rescued Pit Bull’s Reaction To Pizza Is Identical To Our Own

We’re guessing you could use a video of a Pit Bull going delightfully, utterly bonkers over some pizza crusts right about now:

This particular Pit Bull is The Mighty Finn. Finn’s freedom, and zoomies, seem especially sweet given the contrast with where he came from.

Finn is one of the “367 dogs” — one of nearly 500 dogs rescued in 2013 in this country’s second-largest dog fighting bust.

Fourteen suspects were arrested. Donnie Anderson, the so-called “godfather” of the group, is alleged to have electrocuted and hanged dogs who lost fights. Anderson pleaded guilty in 2014 and was sentenced to eight years in federal prison (which was, at the time, the harshest punishment for dogfighting).

Now Finn’s person is a New Jersey-based dog trainer named Andrea Kilkenny, who tells us that her gorgeous dog here used to be afraid of some foods and treats, and wouldn’t take them.

“I think sometimes it’s a lack of early socialization,” Andrea says.

These days, more comfortable in the world, Finn often dashes around and around and around when you give him something new, “cause he wants to investigate it,” she says.

“But this time I think he was just running because he was excited about the pizza crust.”

You know what zoomies are followed by. So now, some shots of Finn napping with his cat and dog siblings, because they make us feel a little better about the world:

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Featured image via Mighty Finn/PupJournal

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