Dog With Severe Separation Anxiety Survives Jump From 4th Floor Window

Dog With Severe Separation Anxiety Survives Jump From 4th Floor Window

Meet Chunk, a Pibble who can only be described as part chunky monkey, part teddy bear, and maybe some Pit Bull Terrier in there, as well. Sadly, Chunk has some very severe separation anxiety that led him to take a drastic leap out of fourth floor window when his foster dad stepped out. He was very fortunate to survive, but now he needs help with his medical bills.

After waiting for more than a year to get adopted from Karma Rescue in Los Angeles, Chunk recently moved in with a new foster dad and was doing really well managing his anxiety. So well, in fact, that his foster dad tried leaving him out of his crate for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, Chunk’s easygoing and happy demeanor while in the company of his person quickly changed once he was out of the house. Chunk pushed through a 4th story window and jumped!

Chunk full

The fall broke Chunk’s femur and required major surgery. It was very touch and go in the beginning and they were afraid they might have to amputate the leg, but after two surgeries things seem to be looking up thanks to his team at Access Specialty Animal Hospital (formerly City of Angels Vet) and Dr. Gebroe of Culver City Animal Hospital. He will still require at least one more surgery and then rehabilitation. The costs are adding up and Karma Rescue needs donations to help heal this special guy.

Chunk healing

If Chunk had a personal ad, it would read:

5yo (that’s 35 in human!), 80 lb. lap dog (more to love!) likes kids, long drives in the car, warm beds (Sunday crosswords!), chilling on the couch, and sunset strolls. Dislikes include cats and being away from his significant other for too long.

Chunk grass

Following some time on the streets, Chunk enlisted with Karma Rescue to find his path as an ambassador for Pit Bull types and dogs of all kinds. He volunteers his time with children in the “Reading Isn’t Ruff” program, where new and reluctant readers gain skills and confidence by reading to rescue dogs in a fun, positive atmosphere. He also assists in the “Create Animal Allies” education program, which teaches kids in grades K-12 about important animal welfare issues such as spay/neuter, micro–chipping, adoption, and helping to overcome breed stereotypes.

Chunk kids collage

We really can’t see why this guy is still single after more than a year!

Chunk kiss collage

(Ok, maybe he’s a liitttle bit of a player in his Facebook pics…)

BarkPost spoke with Alex Tonner, Director of Operations at Karma Rescue, and she couldn’t speak highly enough about Chunk. (In fact, we’re totally in love just hearing all of the amazing things that he does!)

She told us that everyone at his vet clinics are completely enamored of┬áChunk too, giving him special treatment by allowing him to walk around freely during his 5–10 minute walking exercises and playing music for him. It’s basically a doggie disco just for Chunk! We’re sure he appreciates it since he has extremely limited movement for the next eight weeks while he’s on the mend.

Tonner also told us that Chunk has an appointment with one of the leading animal behaviorists in the country, Dr. Karen Sueda, starting in August to work on his separation anxiety. They want to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again! In fact, Tonner stated that they will continue to pay for his behavioral treatment even after he gets adopted — for life, if necessary!

Chunk face

So… super sweet dog, great with people, children, and other dogs, loves to go on adventures but also enjoys a quiet night in with tv and snuggling, and will literally follow you to the ends of the world, no height or distance too great… And endless support from Karma Rescue even after he is adopted. Whomever ends up with Chunk is going to be very lucky indeed.

If you’re interested in adopting Chunk, please visit Karma Rescue’s website for more details. Be sure to check out all of the wonderful programs they offer, as well as follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Please also visit Chunk’s CrowdRise page to donate to his medical bills and care, and check back frequently for updates on his recovery process. Get well soon, Chunk!

Featured Image via: Karma Rescue/Facebook