This Dog Has Been At The Shelter So Long He Thinks It’s His Home

This Dog Has Been At The Shelter So Long He Thinks It’s His Home

Most shelter dogs yearn for a home. Theodore doesn’t even know what a home is.

“He thinks the shelter is his home,” says Patty, Theodore’s volunteer buddy at the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Long Island, “and that’s the saddest part.” He’s been there for two years, about half his life – the other half was spent wandering the streets as a stray.


The shelter is filled with more than 120 desperate dogs hoping to find a family. They bark and cry and jump like crazy when someone comes to say hello. Theodore just sits there, waiting patiently for someone to take him outside for a walk. It’s as if he’s resigned himself to life without real joy.


Theodore is so gentle that the shelter volunteers turn to him to help other dogs; when a dog comes in and is too afraid to walk, they bring Theodore out, and he walks beside them. He shows them the ropes, teaching them that they’re going to be okay.


Now, Theo needs someone to show him the same. No dog deserves to go through life thinking the only safe place to be is behind bars. Every dog deserves to know what it’s like to sleep in a bed, have toys of his own, and a person to trust. Learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime dog here.