Dog Surrendered To Shelter For Being “Too Sweet” Needs A New Home

Dog Surrendered To Shelter For Being “Too Sweet” Needs A New Home

Spot’s first person brought her back to the shelter after about two weeks, complaining about the then-young dog’s disposition.

The complaint, confoundingly, was that she was too good a dog.

“Her adopter said that she was too sweet, wanted to cuddle, be nearby, and was too friendly and affectionate,” says Deanne Schmidt, adoptions coordinator for the Pennsylvania SPCA. “When it was time to go to bed, she wanted to come upstairs with him, but he wanted her to stay downstairs and guard the house instead.”


This was in 2010. Spot was young. She was healthy. She was just plain terrific in every way. And she was back in a high-volume city shelter.

Spot’s luck changed a bit, when the Pennsylvania SPCA took her into their no kill shelter, where it was at least guaranteed that she would never be euthanized because kennel space was running short.

The existence of this story probably tells you almost everything you need to know about what happened after that. Spot got adopted, and returned, two more times — in both cases because her owners fell upon rough times.

Spot was in her last home for five years before her people found themselves overwhelmed with medical issues — causing no-longer-youthful, still wonderful Spot to land, one more time, back in the shelter.

“Spot was returned with only positive things said about her, that she is very loving, loves attention,” says Deanne. “And has lived peacefully in a home with a cat.”

So this dog — whose chief fault is being too nice — now again needs someone to return her affection. This time, hopefully, for good.

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Spot is about six years old now. She can be adopted out of state, though any potential adopters must come into the shelter, in Philadelphia, to meet her in person.

Outside of that one requirement, Deanne thinks Spot will thrive with just about anyone who gets lucky enough to live with her — so long, of course, as they are in the market for “an affectionate and loving companion.”

“Spot deserves a second chance because she lost her home out of no fault of her own,” Deanne says. “She is an awesome pup who simply wants to be with people.”

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Here is Spot’s adoption listing. Find out more from the Pennsylvania SPCA.

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