Brave Dog Gives His Life To Save His Human From A Tiger Attack

Brave Dog Gives His Life To Save His Human From A Tiger Attack

***No photos of the dog in question have been released to the public. The pups in this post are merely examples of the pawesomeness of dogs.***

Last Friday, a dog from the Barbatpur village in India gave his life for his best friend. Gurdev Singh, a farmer, was napping on his property with his pup, Jacky, beside him. The four year old dog caught the scent of a tiger and immediately knew his human was in danger.

Jacky woke Gurdev, but it was too late. The tiger attacked before they could escape. Gurdev went to fend off the animal, but Jacky jumped in his way. The tiger caught the brave pup in his mouth and ran into the forest of the nearby Dudhwa National Park.

Gurdev and his family searched all day for their beloved pup, but sadly found his body later that night. Gurdev’s two children, Supreet and Gulshanpreet, have been devastated by their dog’s death. The pair took rescued the dog off of the streets when he was a puppy.

Gurdev told the Times of India:

[He] was a part of our family and used to follow them to school. Gulshanpreet is inconsolable and didn’t eat for a day.

Regarding the frequency of tigers into villages in India, a park official said:

A large part of the forest land has been encroached upon by humans and the forest area is fragmenting by the day. The population of big cats in this part of the forest is very high and they sometimes come out looking for food.

This is similar to the increase in suburban bear sightings in the United States. Just as with bears in the states, officials in India are trying to find a humane way to protect people from tigers.

As for Gurdev and his heartbroken family, they want people to view Jacky as symbol of the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog.

He said:

I wish humans could learn from it how to love others and show devotion.

Feature image via Pixabay.

h/t Times of India.