dog before after final
1. Ten years between these two pics! Except for a little grey, Koda looks the same.
2. Awwwwwwww! Where did that tail come from?
3. Mitzi and her beloved siblings!
4. Jake's human was just a year old when the pup joined the family.
5. A best friend furever.
6. The family that plays together stays together!
7. Taco: from backpack pocket to senior picture.
8. Oreo the dog just became a daddy! This makes his human a grandpawrent.
9. Macy Lillian the Bichon is 15 this year!
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These Before And After Photos Show The Unbreakable Love Between Dog and Human

Valentine’s Day reminds us of unconditional love. And what better way do we see that than in the everlasting bond between dog and human?

We put a call out on our Facebook page for readers who have photographic evidence of growing up with their pups. Here are some of your adorable snapshots and memories from over the years. 🙂

Huge high paws to our lovely readers for submitting these beautiful pictures, and here’s to many more Happy Valentine’s Days with our pups!

h/t Facebook
Featured image via Farah Taylor/Facebook