All it takes is one great sweater to turn a casual trip to the water bowl into an elegant affair.
Just a pair of pumpkin pals.
The best-looking (not to mention skinniest) Santa we've ever seen.
He couldn't decide on a color so he chose all of them. All of the colors.
Surely, this sweater can protect against even the most devious of cats. And BONUS - it's got Gryffindor colors, which endow its wearer with courage.
Are you green with envy yet?
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These Dogs In Sweaters Are Saving Homeless Greyhounds (And Looking Good Doing It)

What’s better than buying your pup a cute winter sweater? Buying your pup a cute winter sweater that benefits other dogs in need! This is the idea behind Knitted with Love, an online company launched by Jan Brown in 2008. Jan, known in knitting (and doggy) circles as Knitty Jan, began by focusing on apparel for Greyhounds, with a percentage of proceeds going toward Greyhound shelters. But good news and goodwill travel fast, and soon growing demand (from humans and canines alike, no doubt) compelled Jan to expand her expertise to a full-time endeavor that now includes a variety of clothes for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Portions of profits from the site’s sales continue to benefit Greyhound rescue charities.

To learn more about Jan’s efforts, you can visit her website, Knitted with Love, or check out its Facebook page. But in the meantime, you should definitely enjoy these adorable photos. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see if Jan can make me some cute new clothes…

Featured Image via Knittedwithlove.co.uk Facebook

h/t Mashable