Dogs Separated By Fort McMurray Fire Find Each Other Again

Dogs Separated By Fort McMurray Fire Find Each Other Again

“Sweet Pea,” a black and white Spaniel mix, found herself in a truck bound to Edmonton, Canada with fellow pet survivors in the dead of night on May 10th following the evacuations of Fort McMurray. A wildfire swept through the area a few days before and destroyed thousands of homes, leaving many people – and their pets – displaced. What the volunteers didn’t know about the pup they dubbed “Sweet Pea” is that she had been separated from her canine sibling in the evacuations, until fate brought them together again.

Sweet Pea’s vet, Karen Allen, told CBC that Sweet Pea suffered from a fever, diarrhea and refused to eat or drink and that no matter what they did, her condition wouldn’t improve.

“My patient wouldn’t lift her head up off the floor, she was so depressed,” Allen said.

In an effort to raise Sweet Pea’s mood, Allen took her for a walk around the warehouse in which all the evacuated dogs were being held when one particular pooch, Scrappy, totally lost her cool – something the volunteers hadn’t seen her do. They had to assume they had originated from the same home; and low and behold, Sweet Pea was cured!


The duo was sent to a foster home in Calgary. But their luck hadn’t run out yet – their owner was found. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society had located the owner – described as a gentleman without social media. It’s a shame he’s missed how his pups are making headlines!

The trio will be reunited once the owner has been able to settle back into his home. Against all odds, these three will go home again.

H/t and featured image CBC