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Are you a longtime cat lover? Or trying to integrate interspecies buddies in one household? Perhaps, you're more of an independent person and want a pup that suits your personality traits. Whatever, the case, these dogs are more cat-like than other breeds.
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Afghan Hound. This breed is certainly distinguished. Afghans are known to have unique personalities and exhibit an aloof nature, much like their feline counterparts.
Basenji. Energetic but shy, Basenjis are one of the most cat-like dogs. They often attach themselves to one human and feel shy around strangers! Sound familiar?
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Borzoi. This regal hound is often found doing it's job -- hunting -- out of sight from his/her owner. While these pups need lots of exercise, they're also independent loners.
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Chow Chow. Chows are known to be loyal companions to their owners, but very suspicious of strangers. The blue-black tongued pups are known to be reserved and cautious.
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Finnish Spitz. Another cat-imitating breed, the Finnish Spitz, is known to be cautious around strangers. They're also enthusiastic barkers, and even though they might be aloof like cats, they still bark at 'em.
Japanese Chin. The playful disposition and unwavering loyalty make the Japanese Chin a force of love. However, they can be reserved in new locations and even give off a lukewarm reception to new people.
Manchester Terrier. This small fry isn't afraid to chase a mouse out of the house. Manchester Terriers are fiercely bonded to their owners, happily spending all day in their laps.
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Mi-Ki. If you're looking for a chill out buddy, this is the pup for you. Relaxed and laid back are some of the main words in this dog's vocab.
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Papillon. Like most cats, this pup has no problem feeling assertive and brims with confidence. Papillons are also Grade A snugglers.
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Poodle. Certainly, Poodles know a thing or two about carrying themselves with confidence. If cats are the rulers of the roost, Poodles are the queens and kings, too.
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Saluki. Salukis are graceful without a doubt. Since cat-like breeds enjoy the thrill of the chase, these pups benefit from lots of activity and some supervision.
Shetland Sheepdog. A pup that's as clever as a cat, and as loving as a dog. Shetlands have the balanced needs of independence and extreme snuggles.
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Shiba. Pawhaps the most famous cat-like breed of them all. Shibas are notoriously aloof but also calm and loyal.
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Vizsla. Like cats, the Vizsla has a light touch with a penchant for cuddlin' up to an owner. While active, the Vizsla still exercises an affectionate personality.
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Whippet. Felines are the masters of relaxation just like the Whippet. Low-key and boldly smart, Whippets are key companions.
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