Sometimes I think a dog's best moments occur when he acts most like a human, 'cause it's like, what? You totally forgot how to dog. But we LOVE it, even though it can be a little eerily unsettling. If you're like us, hanging out with some interesting canine characters all day at the BarkPost, you start to see little people instead of pups, and it's always hilarious.
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Which is why Ralph Hargarten's "A Dog's Life" is my new favorite thing. The German photographer's project features dogs of different breeds with one thing in common: humanlike facial expressions. And boy do those faces look pretty familiar. Here are 11 pups who gave the camera their best human impressions and NAILED it.
Source: Ralph Hargarten
1. When you think you've found an empty parking spot but pull up to find a tiny car instead.
2. When you reluctantly give up a night of Netflix and wine to go to a family gathering and the first question you get asked is, "So, when are you giving us grandchildren?"
3. This is the next-day face of regret after 3 A.M. burritos. Curse you, extra spicy sauce. Curse you.
4. Getting out of college and realizing you have no idea what to do next.
5. Before coffee...
6. ... after coffee.
7. When you're home alone watching a scary movie and you hear footsteps outside your bedroom door. #NOPE
8. When your friend drops her sandwich on the kitchen floor, picks it up, and keeps eating it like nothing happened. #GirlBye
9. When the toilet clogs and the water keeps rising.
10. When someone starts a sentence with "No offense, but..." #ImmaLetYouFinish
11. When you realize your haircut makes you look like a brand new powder puff.
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11 Dogs Whose “Human Impressions” Make You Do A Double-Take

All images via Ralph Hargarten, unless otherwise noted.