Heroic Hottie Dr. Matt Saves A Pup From Euthanasia And Helps Him Walk Pain-Free

The incredible Dr. Matt Carriker does it again! This time the Vet Ranch doc saved a Chihuahua named Crest from euthanasia and used his veterinary superpowers to help him walk pain-free again.

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Crest was homeless and sitting on a shelter’s death row due to unknown issues with his front limbs. His right front leg was noticeably thin and atrophied, unable to bear any weight at all. The left limb appeared mostly normal, but could only serve as a balancing cane for Crest.

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He had learned to walk on his hind legs like a Meerkat, but Dr. Matt was determined to get to the bottom of Crest’s problems and give him the best life possible. His shriveled right leg lacked muscle tissue, meaning even the magical Dr. Matt could not repair it.

X-rays showed that Crest’s left elbow and shoulder had been fractured and healed awkwardly – old and painful injuries. He had also suffered a fractured jaw during an unknown incident in his past.

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Dr. Matt decided to address the fractured mandible first. With the help of surgical anesthesia, he wired the jaw using Crest’s teeth as stabilizers. Then, on the advice of an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Matt and the staff tried splinting Crest’s poorly healed left front leg.

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After several months of frequent splint changes, Crest’s leg had not improved much and he was still walking primarily on his rear legs. It seems that this sweet little Kangaroo is just meant to walk with a little extra swagger. However, the fractured mandible healed nicely thanks to Dr. Matt’s wiring technique!

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Crest will always be special, but thanks to the selfless folks at Vet Ranch, he has been given a new lease on life. A life he can now live free of pain and full of love with his new adoptive family in LA! Congratulations Crest, and thank you, Dr. Matt for being a heroic hottie for pups in need!

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H/T and Featured Image via Vet Ranch/YouTube