Elderly Dog Rescued After Swimming 9 Miles To Find Her Family

Elderly Dog Rescued After Swimming 9 Miles To Find Her Family

Fergie, a 14-year-old black lab from Florida, is an avid swimmer. So when her family left for a couple hours, Fergie decided to take matters into her own paws and go find them.

According to a report by NBC Miami, the family did not know that Fergie was able to get out of the house. Yet in her pursuit to find them, Fergie ended up swimming around nine miles between Coral Gables, a city in Florida near Miami, and Biscayne Bay, before the 911 calls came in about sightings of an animal in the water. Miami Fire Rescue was dispatched immediately.

Two people had actually attempted to rescue the poor pooch before MFR arrived.

Lt. Ignatius Carroll of MFR told NBC Miami:

The two people who were attempting to rescue the dog started waving for assistance because obviously trying to get out there to the dog, they were also tired and had to be picked up and taken back to shore.

Once Fergie saw the rescue boat, she immediately started swimming towards it and was quickly reunited with her family at a bayside dock where she totally and understandably lost her cool. Good girl, Fergie, you found them!

H/t and featured image NBC Miami