Senior French Bulldog Finds A Unique Way To Enjoy Hiking With Her Humans

Luna the eight-year-old French Bulldog tried hiking with her foster humans, but the mature pup couldn’t quite keep up on the rocky terrain. Melissa Lipani and her husband Adam Holmes had fostered 45 different pups (dang!), all of whom enjoyed hiking near their Salt Lake City home. Lipani works for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, so it’s natural that she’s such a prolific foster pawrent.

Senior French Bulldog Goes Hiking

Rather than leave the pup at home, the humans came up with a solution to bring her along for their adventures. Seasoned hikers, Lipani and Holmes looked through the “8,000 packs in [their] garage,” and a backpack made by Blurr fit the 23-pound Luna just perfectly. (For the novice hiker or urban explorer, we suggest a dog-specific carrier.)

French Bulldog in Backpack

Lipani told The Huffington Post:

I fully expected her to wiggle and try and jump out, but once we plopped her in it, she just relaxed like she knew it was going to be fun.

The Frenchie is now able to enjoy the fresh air with her family, and the furry kettlebell even adds a little intensity to her humans’ workout! On the trail, Lipani says, “She just smiled and enjoyed it, never once fidgeting. She seemed to take in all of the sights, smells and views like she’d always gone on hikes this way.”

Senior French Bulldog Goes Hiking

If you’re interested in seeing more of Luna and her family’s adventures, make sure to follow Melissa Lipani on Instagram. And, since it’s adopt a senior dog month, consider helping out an older dog like Luna by fostering or adding to your family!

Featured image via Melissa Lipani
H/t The Huffington Post