Elsa Spent Nine Years As A Blood Donor; Now She’s Ready To Just Be A Dog

Elsa Spent Nine Years As A Blood Donor; Now She’s Ready To Just Be A Dog

Last week, a plea went out about a very special dog in Auburn, AL. A 9-year-old Chow Chow mix who happened to have a universal blood type had spent her entire life at a local veterinary clinic donating her blood to dogs in need.

Elsa 3

Rumors were spreading and many people were afraid that the dog, now known as Elsa, was in danger of being put to sleep after it was declared that her services were no longer needed. It was later clarified by the vet that this was never the case, merely that they were looking for a home for her.

Nevertheless, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to the plate to make sure that Elsa would find a home and spend the rest of her days being loved as she should be loved – like family, and not as a living blood bag.

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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had Elsa transported up to NYC and she is now safe and being properly cared for in a loving foster home. Once she was in their care, they posted on their Facebook page:

“Elsa has arrived!! Elsa will NO LONGER be known as ‘The Blood Donor Dog.’ Elsa will be known as Elsa, the very much loved dog! Welcome to the rest of your life beautiful girl, and we promise! It will be magical!
…She gave her life so that others could live. Let’s show her what life SHOULD be. It is her turn now!!”

This sweet girl is reported to love people, dogs, and cats, so now she’s just waiting for her perfect humans to take her to her forever home. After nine long years of being poked and prodded with needles, we hope that she won’t have to wait much longer at all.

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If interested in adopting Elsa and being the companion that she has wished for all her life, please contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC via their website to apply. You can also donate to support Elsa’s save, or to help pay for the hundreds of other heartbreaking cases that RDRNYC consistently takes on. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find updates about Elsa and the many other pups who are waiting for their good life to begin as well.

Special thanks to Pet Rescue Squad for alerting us to Elsa’s story and helping her get to safety!

All images via: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook
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