Emaciated And Neglected Dog Surrendered To Shelter Faces Long Road To Recovery

Emaciated And Neglected Dog Surrendered To Shelter Faces Long Road To Recovery

No-kill shelter PAWS Atlanta recently received an owner-surrendered Boxer in dire condition. The sweet girl was about 25 lbs underweight, and very nervous around humans. Her ribs and skeleton stuck out dramatically, and she would cry out in fear when approached.

On Saturday, September 19th, a woman entered PAWS Atlanta with the intent of surrendering her dog. As with most…

Posted by PAWS Atlanta onĀ Monday, September 28, 2015

The pup now known as “Spirit” is slowly recovering with the help and care of the PAWS family, particularly the resident vet tech who’s fostering her.

spirit 3

Spirit is already warming up to her foster family and pup siblings, and is enjoying snuggles and a controlled re-feeding process to help her gain weight without shocking her system. She’s become inseparable with her fellow foster dogs, who are helping her to learn to trust.

spirit 6

PAWS was legally obligated to report the suspected neglect to authorities, and the person who brought Spirit into the shelter is facing potential legal action.

A statement on PAWS’ Facebook page:

“We absolutely realize that it is a complicated animal AND human issue. Sadly, there is more to this story than we can disclose on social media. Our mission is ‘People helping pets & pets helping people’ and we very much stand by that with pride. That said, neglect & abuse needs more awareness so it doesn’t happen to the next helpless animal. We did not embarrass the owner or insult her in any way. But, there will be another dog or cat that needs our help in the near future, and we in turn need support to be able to provide that help….

…Should you watch our segment on the news, we offered this owner & any owners free food & resources & beg that they just come to us sooner for help.”

The segment is below. PAWS offers a pet food pantry for people who cannot afford to feed their pets, as well as reduced-cost petcare.

Spirit won’t be ready for adoption until she is more physically and emotionally recovered. Meanwhile, to help PAWS with her rehabilitation (and to help other dogs like her) you can donate here.

H/t and featured image via PAWS Atlanta